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  3. Hope this is better than Nioh...

User Info: PlayTheGnome

2 months ago#1
I know Nioh was very popular but I found the game bogged down by doing too much, with the silly stance system and the Ki timing mechanic being a huge PITA. Great thing about the Souls games and Bloodborne is they are actually remarkably simple in terms of gameplay mechanics, while still being very in-depth and intricate with customization, inventory, etc. Nioh seemed a poor imitation, in my opinion. I know many love it.

Very much looking forward to this.
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User Info: neccis

2 months ago#2
As much as I like Nioh, I think Sekiro is going to be a lot better.
Nioh 2 is going to bring some serious heat though.
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User Info: Denizen_Of_Dark

2 months ago#3
I woulda played nioh if it didn't get those Diablo loot systems
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User Info: jky7702

2 months ago#4
Not that hard to do really

User Info: FemtomShiling

2 months ago#5
The real question is how it could be NOT better than Nioh tbh .
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User Info: Rizeroth

2 months ago#6
It will. Easily. The game doesn't focus on builds but a certain single class so it opens up the game more in terms of single character moves, traversal and also environment and enemy designs and encounters which they can go all out on. Since in souls series had to design every environment and enemy to be doable with any class. This is also partly thnx to them removing multiplayer so they don't have to worry about how multiple players might exploit the enemies or maps.

So basically, you feel more like a ninja than how you feel like a samurai in nioh. Or at least a romanticised mystical ninja.

The world is the most open and freedom offering of all soulsborne games. You can swim. You also have flying enemies. There are also NPCs and they give you quests.
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User Info: kablamo

2 months ago#7

Good lord.

This is one if my 10 messages I can post in a 24hr period btw.

That's how silly this topic is.

User Info: Laurie1982

2 months ago#8
I'm more looking forward to Nioh 2 than Sekiro, ol' Nioh did charm me more than I thought it would. But that's just my weird self.

User Info: Vamp_Wraith

2 months ago#9
Nioh is an underrated gem. Yeah, it does follow the Souls formula a little too much, but many kinds of games are guilty of following formulas of other games as well.

Nioh is still finding its identity, and Nioh 2 will assuredly be where it’s uniqueness will be established. If anything, compare Sekiro to Nioh 2, not 1.
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User Info: Axisian

2 months ago#10
Sekiro seems like a completely different experience than Soulsborne/Nioh, I wouldn't compare them...

RPG systems / customization aside, even the basic combat looks way different... It's all about getting that finishing move instead of hacking down the enemy's health bar.

I'm glad that both Sekiro and Nioh 2 exist as they fill different niches.

inb4 'all samurai games are comparable!'
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