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  3. So is this much better than the PS4 version?

User Info: HibikiRush

11 months ago#1
I have had the PS4 copy but never started it, and am wondering how much better this really runs on Xbox One X. I saw Digital Foundry compared a demo but it wasn't their usual in-depth analysis; anyone have any feedback? Is this by far the better of the two versions to play, or is it just a marginal enhancement?

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

11 months ago#2
Honestly, I don't really see or feel any difference between the two versions. There were some rare moments on the PS4 version where the fps would dip that l haven't encountered yet. But to me they're near identical.
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User Info: Elbarto150

11 months ago#3
I can tell that the graphics are a tad crisper on the One X but nothing too major.

User Info: eko111

11 months ago#4
On ps4 pro the open areas are simply terrible, everytime you start running the game stutters and then you see textures and shadows pop out of nowhere, I also had many problems in a later level that basically forced me to reset the game, I won't spoil anything but I clearly remember that many other people had the same issue...
On the one x there's just some odd shadow here and there and the framerate dips slightly in crowded situations, overall it performs and looks better enough to be considered as a well optimized title, something I wouldn't say about the ps4 pro version, even after multiple patches.
That said, the game is a masterpiece of style and gameplay, no matter the platform you play it on.


11 months ago#5
I agree with the above post.

The open areas on the PS4 Pro were awful, framerate wise. Barely any framerate problems on the Xbox One X. The game runs a lot better.
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User Info: vashkey

11 months ago#6
I played on a PS4 slim and I don't remember the frame rate being awful.
I remember it dipping here and there ... But at this point its been over a year since I played on PS4 and Ive already got more time on the Xbox version.

I noticed the resolution increase but for me the improvement probably isnt as drastic. If i recall correctly the base PS4 version ran at 900p. Meanwhile ime playing on a 1080p set so my Xbox One X is giving me a downsampled image from whatever resolution its running at natively on X... Was it 1800p or 2k or something?

It looks good, its just really nice to be able to play it with an Xbox controller and earning achievements
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  3. So is this much better than the PS4 version?
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