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User Info: PlayStationVR

11 months ago#1
That's really, really lame.
~PlayStation VR

User Info: BigLongDowner

11 months ago#2
Too obvious

Report and move on
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User Info: PlayStationVR

11 months ago#3
Er what are you talking about?

I'm a huge fan of NieR: Automata and I'd have double dipped and got it if I got another physical edition to add to the collection. I do also have an Xbox One X. It probably still looks f***ing fantastic on the One X... Maybe if it goes on Games with Gold live or a deep discount I'll get it digitally.
~PlayStation VR

User Info: eko111

11 months ago#4
I'd really like to see a disc version, maybe even a black box edition like on ps4

User Info: cbus_jay

11 months ago#5
I also wish this game was available as a physical disc. This didnt stop me from buying the game but I did hesitate before purchasing while trying to determine if a physical version was to be released at a later time.
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