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User Info: MadDragonify

1 month ago#11
Hell no, this is a terrible game. I can't see why anyone likes it besides being diehard Stat Wars fans. It's like they took the worst parts of every Metroid and made a game out of them.
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User Info: Elleena

1 month ago#12
I mainly enjoyed the unintentional humour like approaching a trooper from behind and triggering the "Sigh, what was that." turn to fight you response but as he turned I also triggered one of the rats that pounced him and sent them both of the edge of a cliff.

I admit I don't see any replay value though you can't even choose light/dark at the end much less through the game. They seem to think if they want a "canon" story they can use in their universe it means there can't be any other non-canon options in the game which in turn means there's only a railroad from start to finish and no motivation to try a different class, playstyle, series of choices like you do in other games.

User Info: BarneyBosco

1 month ago#13
I just got it and so far its decent at best. I want to like it but its just so generic.

The level design is so bad its just plain lazy. There is no world building. There is no organic world to explore. The levels are designed as an obstacle course. Mysterious bottomless holes and floating rocks help to highlight this design. They didn't even try to hide it. Every planet feels like just another ride a Disneyland, its odd and feels far to artificial.

The combat is ok, but on the easy side. I put it on hard and have died far more to janky parkour than in combat.

The souls gimmick needs to go as well. It adds nothing to the game except to pad out the game length because you can farm souls to buy skill points. Maybe you don't need to farm and can be ignored. But its there, like a pimple on your ass, some may not want to ignore it.

Lastly, they pretty much ripped the opening level right from uncharted 2. They didn't try to hide that either. Just play uncharted instead if you haven't already. If your desperate, then this can work. Just keep expectations very low.
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User Info: Jaded_Dragon

1 month ago#14
At about hour 10 it started to feel like a chore to play through. The abilities you unlock don't add enough depth to the combat to keep it interesting IMO. Add to the fact that every planet feels relatively similar to one another with increasingly similar puzzles to solve, yeah, it's a slog at times.

I feel like people are being generous because 1) It's a decent Star Wars game, and 2) EA didn't lootbox it to death.

It's a 6/10 for me.
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User Info: WalterBlue

1 month ago#15
To me it's a jack of all trades, master of none. By that I mean that it takes inspiration from a handful of really awesome games, but it doesn't handle any of them particularly well. It's a fun game, but I do regret paying $60 for it. I'd honestly wait to grab it for under $30, and by that point a lot of the glaring bugs will probably have been fixed anyway. That won't solve a majority of my problems with the game (lack of good boss fights, no fast travel, no NG+, etc.) but whatever. You just have to appreciate it for what it is: the first decent single-player Star Wars game that's come out in quite some time.
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User Info: DaBlackGamer

1 month ago#16
Great game but it needed more, more side-quest, a living city or market where you can go and relax without rushing the story. More things to do. When the game is done, it's done.
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