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User Info: xEnraiyax

2 months ago#1

"Regarding clothing damage, Shimbori states that is has been adjusted to not go overboard, for their female audience. He feels this aspect might be better left to the Xtreme series instead."

^Shimbori sure does love stating unnecessary things.

~He has to be doing this intentionally at this point.~
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User Info: Pudi360

2 months ago#2
Does this guy want the game to sell even less then it was going to with the things he says?

User Info: goodlyoak

2 months ago#3
"Shimbori stated that there will be official announcements soon, including differences in specs and content."

So the PS4 version is getting censored most likely.
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User Info: Dotar

2 months ago#6
He might be very passionate about doa etc, but marketing wise and choosing what to say in interviews, oh boy...

User Info: Animestar5000

2 months ago#7
it'd be better if we could could have a slider for destructiveness percentage like violence meter.

Higher the slider, the more 'xtreme' clothing damage and I guess it could work like the jiggles slider.
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User Info: Lylat_Cruiser

2 months ago#8
Hey, at least he's doing a better job at marketing his game compared to Battlefield V's developers lol
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User Info: Dotar

2 months ago#9
I feel like they are very out of touch with the actual doa fanbase wanted for the game(then again so are many other game publishers these days and have to learn it the hard way).

The scary thing is that other aaa titles have much larger audiences. Im still kinda worried hpw badly the game will do with its negative reception from absolutely mind bogling interviews and decisions from team ninja

User Info: Dotar

2 months ago#10
Also during the whole open beta launch we had 500 avg. viewers for doa6 on twitch, let that sink in.. 500. Sc6 had tens of thousands.

Ah well Its good they are going strong to please the huge esports crowds, instead of doa fanbase
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