How many hours have you played so far?

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User Info: Cocytus

1 week ago#1

User Info: Billy_Bahroo

1 week ago#2
40 hours for me. Been taking my time. I'm loving it
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User Info: Snowtrpr

1 week ago#3

User Info: FNFred

1 week ago#4
Way above 50. Platinum trophy earned. Loved this game. (I'm on vacation)
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NOW PLAYING: Assassin's Creed Odyssey
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User Info: QueenTakhisis

1 week ago#5
20 or so. Not a whole lot, but it's Friday. Plenty of time to play in the weekends.
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User Info: Digivillain

1 week ago#6

User Info: happyeater

1 week ago#7
35 and I am on episode 6 level 29.
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User Info: gughunter

1 week ago#8
84.8 hours so far, level 43, sequence 7.
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Around 50, hit lvl 40 last night, only on chapter 4 just been exploring.

User Info: Runeweaver

1 week ago#10
56 hours at the moment about to hit level 50, I restarted and haven't moved the story on after gaining the ship so I don't need to worry about upgrading equipment will also keep a save at this point for later playthroughs without the hassle of gathering materials or leveling.

materials 12970 hides, 10770 metal, 13360 wood, 4201 obsidian glass, 1474 precious gems.
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