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User Info: ChibiSoma

3 months ago#1
So I was playing earlier and was super cranky after failing to get to ground zero for the first launch I'd ever seen someone set off (a****** set it off at the very SE corner of the map, and while I'd done a tense sneaking mission to get waypoints out there, getting all the way to Watoga, it was still too far to reach). I went to finish my quest for Rose, but noticed a red mark over near Flatwoods. After I'd finished up at TotW, it was still there. It was a Wanted player over in Flatwoods. In a bad mood, and seeing a level 10 at the load-in/respawn point just outside of town, I dragged my L19 ass over there and popped him down.

He proceeded to get super butthurt at me and said the subject line, amongst other things. It's like... yeah dude, whatever you say. You don't get Wanted on accident. Either you were harassing the living s*** out of people or you were destroying their camps. Either way, it was an act you set out to commit, and thus you're getting put down for it. Don't you f***in' sit there whining because someone did something about your bulls***, alright?

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, motherf***ers. Don't sit around the starting town griefing low-level players, because I WILL come over and sort your ass into a container with the rest of my trash.

User Info: StoneRevolver

3 months ago#2
I don't pay attention to level and I don't care if your bounty was accrued by accident.
All I see is 'Caps Here' & I intend to take them.
Ask me for my GT or PSN if you like.

User Info: Stacy_Adam

3 months ago#3
You can, in fact, become wanted by accident.

User Info: BOMB_SHOT

3 months ago#4
Who cares if someone is wanted or not, just waste them. This is the wasteland baby not a public library you feel me.

User Info: StoneRevolver

3 months ago#5
The way you type annoys me.
Ask me for my GT or PSN if you like.

User Info: psycofang

3 months ago#6
ChibiSoma posted...
It's like... yeah dude, whatever you say. You don't get Wanted on accident.

I actually have at one time, i was shotting a super mutant and apparently the bullets were piercing it and hitting a half made base that blended too well with the dirt in broad daylight.

Granted it was only 7 caps and some lvl 30 killed my lvl 7 ass but still s*** happens.
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User Info: Dynedux

3 months ago#7
Stacy_Adam posted...
You can, in fact, become wanted by accident.

Yeah, I was rummaging around for loot and ended up wanted. Apparently I had wandered into the corner of one of those workshop areas that someone owned and got a 10 cap bounty for unlocking a toolbox. The guy wasn't there and hadn't even built anything :-/

Someone sniped me like 30 minutes later.
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User Info: FellDude

3 months ago#8
ChibiSoma posted...
You don't get Wanted on accident.

Yeah you can. Go shoot at an enemy with a fully automatic weapon while aiming down sight and have a dips***/troll come from behind you and then run between you and the target.
Of all the game consoles ever made, the Xbox 360 is the one closest to perfecting the hundred percent failure rate. - Former Owner of 3 of Microsoft Xbox 360's.

User Info: zegram33

3 months ago#9
I became wants by accidentally clipping another player in the graftin monster event with 4 or 5 other players there
After the event I made apologetic faces whilst everyone pointed guns at me and they all thumbs upped and wandered off
So not everyone’s kill crazy

User Info: GodsPoison

3 months ago#10
To the guy that shot me in the back several times when i was trying to help you kill those Mr. Gutsy's, that sledghammer to the head was very much earned. Also what in gods name made you think coming back and shooting me again was gonna do? Your friend in the power armor took one look at me and said "Nope, f*** that s***." and watched as you got brained again.

Your freind, Sam.
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