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User Info: frankspank

3 months ago#31
You have 90 days to return it. But I'm guessing your mom bought it for you with her credit card and places like Best Buy need the card to put the money back on it. You're wanting the money, so that isn't an option.

User Info: FFT-Fan

3 months ago#32
@TheReaJCoe Just don't try to sell it as a new copy or else you may be facing a potential lawsuit like the guy in this story:

Rest in peace, Stan Lee

User Info: Noke0

3 months ago#33
People still respond to Topics like these even 18 years later..... Ohhh, how I hate influx of internet users post Social Media sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc). Its like listening to a broken record. Please people that posted in here, learn common sense in video game message boards like those of us who did from 1995-2004... We want meaningful, informative or fun topics. Not meaningless crap like this.

Saw this on the front page...had to say something. Just sick of the mindless people that all seem the same through 1000s of different accounts for years on end. All mindlessly drawn to saying the same exact thing on the same exact topic that's been made 100,000 times. Learn to be a little different..please...

Anyone who responds I won't answer back, as I won't be on this redundant, repetitive board with the same dead end topics. Have fun with this game, leave this crap board.

This is directed to anyone who posted in here that didn't say this was a pointless topic.
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User Info: TheReaJCoe

3 months ago#34
Original User

User Info: Project_Weird

3 months ago#35
Treat it like a fruit cake and give it to the one you hate the most.
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User Info: Leodux

3 months ago#36
blaze9990 posted...
Why are you lot telling him to play the game? You're the real trolls, telling a man to subject himself to this 'game.

How is it trolling to tell him to play the best game of 2018?
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