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User Info: Sairos

2 months ago#1
We have had the bugs and glitches, we have had the bag issue, we have had them reveal their players personal data............so what news involving Bethesda do you think will be next? - Results (67 votes)
Nothing, Bethesda will fix things, prove themselves, and get back on their feet.
5.97% (4 votes)
A new patch that deletes save files, causes your hard drive to burn out, or contains massive amounts of Russian Spyware.
26.87% (18 votes)
Todd Howard ends up in a fist fight with a gamer/game journalist in the street.
5.97% (4 votes)
It will be announced Starfield will run on the same engine version as Oblivion.
17.91% (12 votes)
Bethesda will begin suing their fans for ruining their profits.
8.96% (6 votes)
Bethesda's higher ups will start suing their workers for ruining their bonuses.
10.45% (7 votes)
Bethesda is found to have engaged in human sacrifice in order to try and summon forth the dark one to bring about the en
2.99% (2 votes)
Bethesda is found to have engaged in human sacrifice and has successfully summoned the dark one, and it is now the end t
5.97% (4 votes)
Bethesda devolved into a "Lord of the Flies" scenario, Todd Howard ends up the only survivor, and becomes known as the B
7.46% (5 votes)
7.46% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
What is next on the wild ride known as Bethesda? What will next week bring, or next month!?

What do you think will be the next big news about Bethesda will be?
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User Info: wafflekings

2 months ago#2
Other!: More Skyrim

User Info: NeO_SuperCrate

2 months ago#3
I'm going with file deletion

User Info: Muhspaceaids

2 months ago#4
File deletion which leads to a new download where you start up and its actually a newer even more remastered legendary edition of skyrim (dlc sold seperately)
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User Info: termas84

2 months ago#5
"Bethesda is found to have engaged in human sacrifice and has successfully summoned the dark one"
How do you think todd got here to have that fist fight in the first place?

My guess, after several months, patches and game fixes they retroactively increase the games price by adding a paywall that won't let players continue unless they fork another 10 units of your local currency, believing that with the amount of time and effort they have since put in means the game is worth more.
Or after banning those homophobes, in order not to deter those from the righter side of the gaming community, they start shadow banning gay people.
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User Info: FellDude

2 months ago#6
Next patch will dress up everyone's characters like gothic lollis and turn the game into a visual novel which Sony will then censor. Game will also crash/freeze 20% more and my carry weight will still be f***ed up.
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User Info: SoulOfFayth

2 months ago#7
TESVI will be Skyrim
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User Info: WhillB

2 months ago#8
Hopefully nothing, so these dips*** Troll threads can stop cluttering up the board and people can actually start discussing the game.
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User Info: Rammstein_Till

2 months ago#9
ES6 - you have to use premium currency to buy crafting materials

User Info: The_VV

2 months ago#10
Uhm. Tecnically they are bound to support the game, soo they Will try to solve stuffs.
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