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  3. I don't want to PVP, Can I just fight animals by myself??

User Info: drclaeys

4 months ago#1

I don't want to PVP, Can I just fight animals by myself??

I just want to move around by myself.. I have no head set, no mic... I have never played a game like that... my internet sucks.. DSL..

So I just want to wander around and explore.. WILL I make any progress??

or will this game be a waste of time.

I got play trophies for fallout 3.. New vegas, and Fallout 4.

So I did not just fall off the cabbage truck out front.

Thank you.
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User Info: Dyinglegacy

4 months ago#2
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User Info: AkimboSlice1

4 months ago#3
I'll let you know after 5PM PST today
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User Info: PrincessWesker

4 months ago#4
I've been playing solo in the beta so far, and having a grand time. I did run into a random American with a mic, so we adventured together a bit, but I definitely plan on playing this game mostly solo. I also loved 3,NV, and 4, if that helps.

User Info: zegram33

4 months ago#5
Yeh you absolutley can
People can attack you
But they do barley any damage unless you fight back and you can just warp away

But that’s just a stopgap until actual private servers for single player, which they’ve stated is there no 1 priority

User Info: kel25

4 months ago#6
I've played every day of the beta and was only attacked once by another player.

I've barely encountered other players after the first day. You shouldn't have many problems from other players.

But you would probably want to pass on this game if you have poor internet. It's aways online.

User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

4 months ago#7
Only 1 person ever attacked during my 15 some odd hours.

There's very little incentive to kill anyone at random and there's always Pasafist mode.

Edit: Provided you don't fight back, if they do murder you then the entire server will be out to avenge you. So that's kinda cool.
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User Info: conduit

4 months ago#8
I played over 20 hours so far, level 14. spent the whole time playing solo, was fine.

only time I got killed was when I accidentally became wanted after picking a lock on and a gate that someone else had built. then a player came along and killed me in two shots, I didn't even fight back.
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User Info: Alkamizt

4 months ago#9
First, PvP is "player vs player". I rarely encounter griefers.

Second, yes, of course you can play solo. Im lvl 17 now, and played solo nearly the entire time.

Lastly, I have come across plenty of people willing to team up. Although you dont need to, dont be afraid to ask fellow vault dwellers for help.

User Info: jojochan

4 months ago#10
I've been killed twice.
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