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  3. Ai in this game is stupid

User Info: dirtman88

2 months ago#1
I used an alolan marowak against a rocket grunt with 3 voltorb. She used self destruct twice and swift once......
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User Info: genesis145

2 months ago#2
To be fair rocket grunts aren't smart in general......

User Info: InfinityOver0

2 months ago#3
The electric gym leader had his Volt orb open with explosion like the last 5 days Ive fought him lol
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User Info: lildragon0

2 months ago#4
Maybe the rocket grunt is unfamiliar with Alolan forms and thought your Marowak was ground type.
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User Info: emagdnE

2 months ago#5
The AI in Pokémon games have never been particularly smart. That's why NPC pokémon (including Master Trainers) have 2-3 moves in this game because they're prone to just randomly selecting moves. That's why the Stadium games flat out cheated with RNG stacked in their favor.
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  3. Ai in this game is stupid
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