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  3. Partner Eevee: Gender and Nature resetting?

User Info: AzumarillTho

2 years ago#1
I have Let’s Go Eevee! On its way and I have a few questions.

1. Is the gender locked when beginning the game? I want a female with a good nature.

2. What is the common Moveset/Nature for partner Eevee?

User Info: Enclave

2 years ago#2
Nature is determined when you initially catch it, so save before you go to Oak in the tall grass north of town. Gender is determined basically right when you turn the game on. If you want a specific gender you need to delete your save data and try again until you get the gender you want.
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User Info: Luigifan305

2 years ago#3
Gender is determined when you first start the file. You can tell which gender you got by looking at the tail during the opening cutscene where it hops out of the tv. If it's not the gender you want, you gotta delete the save data from your Switch to try again.

Nature on the other hand is determined when you actually catch it, meaning you can save before approaching the grass. Since it took me about 4 1/2 hours worth of resetting to get a Hasty Pikachu, here's a couple of protips:

1. Go into the options menu, and turn on the ability to skip cutscenes. It only works for one part of the sequence, but after seeing that part once, there's no reason not to save as much time as you can on future attempts. While you're in the options menu, be sure to set the text speed to fast while you're at it, which will be useful all game long.

2. If you have a nickname in mind, don't bother typing it in every single attempt. You don't get to check the nature until AFTER the nicknaming portion, so you don't want to add a bunch of extra time to each failed attempt. You can just rename Pokemon at any time in this game, so wait until you get the desired nature and THEN name it.

That being said, I have no idea which nature would be best for Eevee, but considering how versatile it can be, it probably depends on what role you want it to fill.
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