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User Info: W_R

4 months ago#11
Gietzy posted...
Amazing game. Picked up the PSVR Mega Bundle 2 days ago. This and Wipeout justify the purchase imo. Both such good games that really use VR to the fullest. Not 100% into Doom or Skyrim yet but will give them a better chance to impress once I’m finished with this. Is Moss a similar experience to this? Looked good in trailers.

Moss is the next best VR game after this one IMO. There are a lot of similarities, although you don't have things going on above you and behind you as in Astro Bot.

User Info: sai4321

3 months ago#12
Moss is a fantastic game. They're actually working on a sequel. It's one of those must have games for PSVR. Moss, Astro Bot, and Superhot VR come to mind when I think of the games I've had the most fun with so far. Really looking forward to Blood and Truth and I just picked up A Mages Tale, can't wait to dig into it.
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User Info: da_StoOge

3 months ago#13
I just bought and played Psychonauts: Rhombus of Ruin for $5 and I recommend that for anyone that liked Astro Bot.

Gameplay wise it's nothing alike as you don't even move your character but instead look at other characters and objects and jump around possessing them, but presentation wise it's every bit as impressive. It looks like a PIXAR movie but in VR, and the environment and character models are incredible.

It's super short, I'd say only two hours or so, but it's quite entertaining. Plays like a really simple point and click adventure game. The writing is typical Schaffer and frequently amusing, and I really hope he attempts something similar but on a larger scale.

Maybe not worth full price, but for the price of a DVD rental I was more than satisfied.
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