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User Info: sean697

8 months ago#1
This is not only the best PSVR game. Is likely my game of the year. Which is not taken lightly given how many all time great games I’ve played this year. This game reminds of the first time playing Mario 64. The game just gets better with each world throwing in new things and play ideas. It’s fantastic. Plus it uses VR greatly.

I went back last night and got the platinum trophy and didn’t feel like a grind at all because I was having so much fun.

User Info: SSBR10

8 months ago#2
I say a case can be made for this game. I hope it gets more recognition.
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User Info: warrie

8 months ago#3
I just finished the game, going to do the challenges now for the plat. I totally agree with game of the year.
Each level had new ideas, each boss fight was so much fun..
Even after getting plat I know for sure I will replay this game often in the future just to enjoy it all over again :)

Hoping this won't be another Okami, a gem of a game that won't sell enough for a sequel..

User Info: da_StoOge

8 months ago#4
The game is a Super Mario 3D World quality platformer on the PS4 even before you factor in the VR.

Add the jaw dropping VR and everything that they do with it and this is the most amazing leap in gaming since I went from playing Sonic 3 to the first Tomb Raider.

I just finished the (level spoiler) level where the whale eats you and that's a top five gaming moments if not the number one spot. Getting hit in the face by a wave and then going underwater and looking up to see my boy floating above me head, is an experience that just last week I never could have dreamed of.

I can already tell that my only complaint with this game is ilthat it's going to end. I'm dying to bosses or traps and thinking "Oh, good. That means I get to play that section again".

Easily my GOTY. I'm loving this as much as the first time I played Mario Galaxy. Can't wait to let my friends and family try it out at Christmas. My sister in law is going to love it.
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User Info: jellybeanmaster

7 months ago#5
Its my game of the year too. First 15 min blew me away to the extent i had to turn the system off. My body literally was not ready
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