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User Info: huyi

8 months ago#11
RonBurgundy929 posted...
Then I got to Challenge #4...now that one is hard.

Ah the challenges, no thanks on that one 😂
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User Info: warrie

8 months ago#12
For challenge 4 check out this video


He has a great trick at the end, skipping the first couple of stepping stones.
Saves a couple of seconds, he does it in 57 seconds. Still the hardest of all the challenges imho.
Harder than the shark boss ;)

User Info: RonBurgundy929

8 months ago#13
After about 30 tries, I finished it. I got it at 56.30-something seconds.

The waterfall challenge was a pain in the ass too.
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User Info: supersnout

7 months ago#14
I thought the shark boss was easy. took me 5 tries once I got the pattern on my 2nd attempt.

the bird boss gave me more of a challenge.
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