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User Info: 94mav98

9 months ago#1
It looks like so much fun.
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User Info: DamonD666

9 months ago#2
Great game. One of my current faves on PSVR. Too soon to say how it compares to others, but I am enjoying it so far.
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User Info: Kogepan

9 months ago#3
The game kinda crept up on me.
Ive been hearing people mention the the game here and there on up comming VR games.
Problem was.....the title didnt sound interesting enough for me to google the game.
But Ill be picking this up now that ive read some reviews on it. (Though I probably wouldnt have if I saw the game in the shop, not knowing a thing about the game)

User Info: Ozric67

9 months ago#4
I downloaded it yesterday and played the first world last night and it is a really cool little game. I've only had my VR for a month so far but this is definitely one of the best games for it. even now im still astonished with how great VR is on the PS4, I have played a couple of rounds of PGA 2015 in 2D but other than that I have played nothing but VR games.
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

9 months ago#5
It’s definitely the best game on PSVR.
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User Info: finalstan

9 months ago#6
It is a great game and makes me grin like a small child playing it.

User Info: Rasputin77

9 months ago#7
RonBurgundy929 posted...
It’s definitely the best game on PSVR.

It's definitely in my top 3, but I'm kind of still amazed at how much fun Wipeout Omega is in VR.

User Info: finalmissi0n

9 months ago#8
I just got to play this on my Dad's VR recently and it is indeed very fun. Highly recommended if you get PSVR at some point.
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User Info: skatedudeguy

9 months ago#9
It is an absolute blast, and really shows off how immersive and just FUN VR gaming can be.

It doesn't need to be a first-person only game. It just has to do something interesting with the opportunities given in VR and go wild, which this game does.

I am 3 worlds in, and grinning the entire time. There are some moments that do feel a tiny bit gimmicky (stuff coming right at you for no reason), but most of the time it feels like this could only be done in VR. It feels great.

The game itself is mechanically sound, great music, and brings me back to playing a Mario game for the first time. You don't have a lot of buttons to worry about, the fun is what you can do and what new scenarios those few actions make you do.

I really recommend it. I have quite a few VR games, and this pushed to the top easily.

User Info: darknile

8 months ago#10
Only reason I bought a PSVR was because I already had WipeOut Omega Collection. Then I played the amazing demo of this title in the VR Playroom which then told me there was a full game. Boom I was sold and immediately bot (pun intended) it.

I can say this game is ultimately a must have for PSVR. Nintendo and Sega need to learn from this. I'm not a big fan of Mario games either, but if it was as well done as Astro Bot, I'd be all up in Nintendo.
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