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User Info: SunnyMilk

3 months ago#1


Gala Audric is a light axe with perfect Res to both statuses Light deals with, and the second Gala to have a skill reservoir system.

S1 consumes one charge of the skill reservoir, does damage, inflicts flashburn and dispels. If used during the Skill Chain window, it'll have a modifier of 120% against flashburned foes instead of inflicting flashburn, and dispel as well.

S2 consumes one charge of the skill reservoir, and does damage, gaining a flashburned modifier if done in skill chain. Co-Ability is Critical Damage + 30%, chain co-ability is (Light) Defense + 6%. A1 grants Audric his skill reservoir, and makes it so his attack rate increases by 2% for each skill he uses, capping at 10%. Notably, it also applies a defense amp(Team Amp MAX is 3) every two skills he uses with a 30 second cooldown. A3 is Gauge Accelerator + 35%.

Gala Leonidas is a shadow lance with Blindness Res, and is a dragondrive unit(no Mars in swim trunks? I am disappoint.). S1 does damage and fills dragondrive gauge. If in dragondrive, it reduces shadowblight resistance by 20% for 30 seconds. S2 does damage, inflicts shadowblight, applies a defense amp, and raises the party's chance of inflicting shadowblight by 50% for 30 seconds.

Standard lance co-ability with (Shadow) Shadowblight = Strength + 13%. A1 enables Leonidas' dragondrive, which gives him a charging force strike up to three levels and can be moved around, as well as boosting his strength by 50%. A3 is Shadowblight Edge + 50%.

-A permanent wyrmprint for Scorchrend Punisher was added to the Wyrmprint shop
-Wagabond Pupper is temporarily changing to a beach setting from the usual forest area
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User Info: Tanardin

3 months ago#2
Ugh, Asura inflicts para. Why they gotta give him blind res? Release characters with the res relative to current content Cygames…
Since Leonidas is coming alongside Audric, that means Chelle will be on the follow up banner, probably accompanied by Uriel. Kind of wonder what Uriel will have in his kit, since I can't find much in the way of flaws in Faris's kit. Only things I can think of that would maybe be of use to him would be a debuff extender, to allow Lv. 3 Uriel's Wrath to last longer, and maybe Scorchrend Punisher.

Anyway, I have 60 summons worth to use.
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User Info: Mikokiri

2 months ago#4
Wanted Leo but got da dilf and two units i didn't have so I think I should stop here and pray I get off focus Leo one day (or maybe wait for a dragondrive banner?). I don't wanna go all in for a non-limited sooo
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Got Leonidas in my summons, but no Audric.
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User Info: Kaitouace

2 months ago#6
Got Audric in my first summon now I'm wary to try to chase Leonidas.
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User Info: pummy84

2 months ago#7
Had to spark Audrick. Guess no sChelle for me now.

User Info: firedoom666

2 months ago#8
I spent the little I had trying to get Audrick with no luck.

I was assuming he was a lame summer alt so I wasted my stash on the banner with all the seasonals.
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Analysis of Audric and S!Leonidas is in. Audric, naturally, is top tier Light DPS. S!Leonidas is also pretty good on that front as well, comparable to Gala Chelle, but are different in utility. When high hit count is involved, Chelle is better, but Leonidas is better in regards to OD shredding with his Dragondrive FS, and Shadowblight upkeep. And of course, Chelle has dual resistance.
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User Info: SmokeRulz

2 months ago#10
I figured I'd try to get at least Audric before the banner went away since he seems like he'll be amazing when/if I ever manage to be able to handle high-level Shadow content.

I did two single ticket tenfolds. Pulled Summer Leo (and a dupe Kirsty) in the first. Pulled Audric in the second.

Alright then.
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