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User Info: SunnyMilk

2 months ago#1


Summer Ieyasu, Mitsuhide and Maris***en are all limited.

Summer Ieyasu is a water sword with Stun Res. S1 is a damaging skill shift, with Phase II inflicting bleed and Phase III inflicting bleed and frostbite, as well as dispelling. Phase I and II also ready the skill at the top of Ieyasu's list immediately. S2 does damage, with bleeding foes taking more damage. After use, it switches to an alternate form that also applies a Strength Amp(Team Amp Max Lv. 3), and will alternate between the two forms.

Standard sword co-ability with (Water) Frostbite = User Strength + 13% as the chain co-ability. A1 increases his critical rate by 15% against bleeding foes, and A3 is Critical Damage + 20%.

Summer Mitsuhide is a flame dagger with Sleep Res. S1 does damage and inflicts scorchrend. If she has at least one Sizzling Sunflower in stock, it's powered up to do damage to the target and nearby enemies and does extra damage to scorchrent opponents based on the combo counter(capping at 150% if the combo counter is 50 or higher with 110% being the base modifier) and removes one Sizzling Sunflower. S2 applies a Sizzling Sunflower and alternates with a variant that also gives a Strength Amp(Team Amp Max Lv. 3) whenever used.

Standard dagger co-ability with (Flame) Above 10 Hits = Wind Res + 10% as chain-co ability. A1 reduces the damage Mitsuhide's first skill and dragon skill do to enemies in break by 15%, but increases her attack rate by 5% with a further 10% buff if her initial skill is ready. A3 is Flurry Scorchrent Punisher +35%.

Summer Maris***en is a water dragon with a 70% strength aura paired with (Water) Wyrm of War. At MUB, this part of her aura fills skill gauges by 100% at the start of quests, and gives a 40% attack skill buff when a Team Strength Amp is up. Her skill does damage ,inflicts bleed and applies a Strength Amp(Team Strength Amp Max Lv. 2).
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Hard to say how good any of them are, but annoyed that they decided to make them all limited. Also, might try and put some effort here, since the banner does have Leonidas.
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User Info: Yamata_Demon

2 months ago#3
Mitsuhide is a cute, therefore, I will dump all resources to pull her.

User Info: Tanardin

2 months ago#4
Ugh, stun res on Ieyasu.
Free pull had nothing. Spent my Wyrmite, and got none of the focus units, only an Apollo, and Raphael again (after already getting her twice from prior free daily Tenfolds). Seems like the game really wants me to MUB her.
Don't read my sig. You're just wasting your time.
(edited 2 months ago)

User Info: helldew

2 months ago#6
spent my mite didnt get any of em.

now gotta grind compendium stuff and whatever mites left in this game. id really like to get someone from this mari and rat are pretty high up wants.

User Info: Polimario

2 months ago#7
What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

User Info: pummy84

2 months ago#8
Dang, that’s a really lucky tenfold summon there. Got all three summer characters/dragon after 93 total pulls, most of which were tickets. Didn’t spend much of my wyrmite stash. Gonna be good for the regular gala.

User Info: Karakasa

2 months ago#9
That pull is so, so sick

User Info: flkid

2 months ago#10
Got Gala Leo and Ieyasu in 60 pulls which are the 2 I wanted so pretty happy with that.
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