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User Info: Arrawnt

3 weeks ago#1

Odd choice but the rewards are nice. A chance for Chocolatiers and some limited units, will be interesting to see if they take this time to add them to the permanent pool since that would likely determine their future plans for Halloween/Christmas banners.

Previous event rewards:

Ingot, 3 testaments, lots of wyrmite, and more wyrmite if this is your 2nd time and you get the epithet>wyrmite conversion.

Hopefully we can get a second Elegant Escort for Rena teams for whenever the affliction changes are added back.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: TheLuckySeven

3 weeks ago#2
Hmm I wonder if the banner itself will actually rerun though. Eastern Emissaries is the only actual rerun banner we've had so far, and that one wasn't even tied to it's event (and wasn't run when the event reran), so there's no guarantee at that.

Still, I do hope it's a chance for everyone to get Chocolatiers.

User Info: Yamata_Demon

3 weeks ago#3
Boring event. I'm only looking forward to Chocolatiers.

User Info: Snow-Dust

3 weeks ago#4
I’m telling you guys, this is bait banner before the anniversary. Limited adventurers/dragons before something major? Super fishy if you ask me. This is like the time Ieyasu was bait before Mym.
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User Info: Nazdrovie

3 weeks ago#5
I missed this event, so I'm just glad I can get stuff out of it. Crossing my fingers for a Valentine's banner so I can get Valentine's Ezelith...
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User Info: Tetrana

3 weeks ago#6
I definitely have my eldwater saved up for Chocolatiers!
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User Info: FFRKAndy

3 weeks ago#7
Cool, I remember being close to quitting the game around this time and didn’t unlock a couple of the stories so it’s nice to be able to finish it .
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User Info: sephatu

3 weeks ago#8
Phew. I love events that's easy to hoard.
Finally be getting that famous Chocolatiers WP.

User Info: Xashowd

3 weeks ago#9
Got really lucky the first time the banner rolled around and snagged everyone, so I'll be happy with snagging Wyrmprints (especially Choco. It's not as highly recommended nowadays, but for those of us without Gleo because RNG, it'll be very nice) and grabbing event goodies. Does make me wonder what'll occur in September, though...also, shouldn't we get a Void update this month? Or did I forget we had it because summer stuff?
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User Info: kaushik20

3 weeks ago#10
It's not a datamine if the game straight up posts it as news. A datamine is when we found out about the current facility event before the game announced it.

Also, this means I can finally get The Chocolatiers.
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