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User Info: georgethecow4

1 week ago#1
I’ve had a crazy good time for this. My free summon wasn’t anything, but then I did a 10-pull and got Verica and Luca both at once.

Then just now I did a 1-pull for fun. The first part of the summon indicated a 3-star, but then the ring turned gold indicating a 4-star. Then the dragon crystal fell down and turned rainbow and it ended up being this banner’s Siren.

I’ve never seen the game do this before but it sure was nice. I know I just threw away my anniversary luck though but it was worth it for that rollercoaster.

User Info: CJwat11

1 week ago#2
Eh...could've gone better.

8 tenfolds and a handful of singles got me Summer Cleo, Summer Luca, and my first Long Long.

Kinda want Verica (as cute as Siren is) so I can run a shadow healer on my main shadow team with Gleo (can't run two Cleos on the same team after all).
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User Info: DemonBuffet

1 week ago#3
Free pull: Unicorn

this banner is an easy skip for me lol

User Info: Neridia

1 week ago#4
Pity broke at 7% by Annelie...yeah. I think I will pull until I get another 5* then I’ll stop and wait for anniversary.

User Info: TheLuckySeven

1 week ago#5
Free pull gave me SCleo. Nothing else on the banner is worth it enough for me, so easy banner for me to skip now.

User Info: OdaNobuna

1 week ago#6
3 or 4 tenfolds, all tickets from the event and the free summon: sadness and tears.
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User Info: sephatu

1 week ago#7
Free pulled a Unicorn and an Imp from the other banner.
Turned them to water right out of the pool.

User Info: Arrawnt

1 week ago#8
Pulled until pity break, Pop Star Siren at 50 or so. She's worse than I would have ever imagined, weakest dragon form ever.

Back to saving.


1 week ago#9
So far, I got Leviathan #2, Summer Lucca, and Ramona, in a span of about 30 pulls. Planning to pull a bit more, but I want the free summons to increase my pity rate climb a bit first before I proceed with the currency pulls.
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User Info: flkid

1 week ago#10
Had 8 singles used them and free daily and regular daily to get the first pity break

Then used the free tenfold from beating a boss and didnt get a rainbow but got Summer Luca.

Used 10 more single tickets from the event and on the 10th one as the pity rate was gonna go to 5.5% the gold dragons came up and down comes Siren... talk about meh lol. No idea why they didnt make her 20% str 90% skill damage like her water form >.< instead she's s***. Wish they would stop making these weird hybrid inferior dragons and just keep making more 60% str or w/e.

I want Summer Cleo so I can have all Cleo forms so im gonna keep using singles and dailies/free dailies in hopes of getting her.
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