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User Info: brokenpop

4 weeks ago#1
Even though I was able to beat it (after an hour of trying with randoms), it feels like a lot of people are complaining about it.

I feel like adding just an extra minute would be good enough if they do any changes.

User Info: flkid

4 weeks ago#2
Idk I beat it first try with 25 secs left and 2 and a half limbs broken(is it even possible to break all 3?) But we had a team of 3 21k including myself and a whale 24k mono light guy. The requirements do seem pretty steep.
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User Info: Nosydew

4 weeks ago#3
I don't think it needs any adjustments. Its pretty easy once you get the strategy down.

Grab a sword user or helly and put a mothers love wyrmprint on them and spam fs during OD. Take 2 Dprep wyrmprints. Last character can have dps prints i guess.

Took this setup into a random lobby with everyone having sub 20k might and beat it with more then 30 seconds to spare.

Just give it some time and people will start to get the hang if it. By the end of the event people will be aceing it left and right.
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User Info: Xashowd

4 weeks ago#4
Outside of the occasional adjustment of HMS, they have rarely adjusted events while they are ongoing. So I don't think Sabnock Nightmare is gonna be adjusted. They could adjust the HP on later ones so that it's not as high with enough feedback, though.

That being said, this feels like Raid Endgame content. I'm getting some really close runs, but given what I have I might just need to match up with people above me and get effectively carried (SERIOUSLY WISHING I COULD USE ALL THESE RUPEES TO BUY TONS OF WYRMPRINT WATER RIGHT NOW!!!!), but for future Reruns I could see this being a decent standard. There's no Epitaph attached or Wyrmite reward, the base rewards aren't greater than an Expert run IIRC, and the Daily Chest provides mats that can be gained other ways. I'm hoping I can beat it at least once before it goes poof, but I'm fine with Nightmare as-is since there isn't anything exclusive to it. Plus we'll all keep getting stronger as the game goes on (might start using that 5t3 Ingot trick myself so I can load up my elemental teams, especially Dark), so they'll become easier with time.
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User Info: FFRKAndy

4 weeks ago#5
It doesn’t need an adjustment imo. It wasn’t meant to be beat by everyone , It’s really just to tide over vets and it’s easy to just inflate stats up and call it a day though older raid bosses with unique mechanics probably won’t be as tanky but they’ll adjust to still make it uncomfortably close.

They put their focus on future raids and maybe those will be different but I expect reruns of the past events to be the same stat inflation .

I agree that is isn’t fun though. Just a hardcore dps check .
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User Info: ChronoReverse

4 weeks ago#6
Doubt it. It actually involves some thinking and exploiting mechanics (like rotate canceling the charge) so that it's not a pushover. It's at least something interesting versus Expert or EX which isn't even a game.

The rewards are deliberately insignificant for a reason.

User Info: Ivyprofen

4 weeks ago#7
If people are beating it. It's probably fine.

I'm surprised they didnt gate 500 wyrmite behind beating it. Like those other 2 or 3 ones they did before.

User Info: AogamiZephyr

4 weeks ago#8
They better not, there needs to be more content for day one, more invested players during these events. Was pretty disappointed when they made the master challenge from the last water facility event significantly easier than the previous ones.


4 weeks ago#9
Nosydew posted...
I don't think it needs any adjustments.

At the very least I think they need to readjust the might threshold. Why give access at 15k might if you can only realistically do it with a full team of 20k?
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User Info: FFRKAndy

4 weeks ago#10
SUPERZELDA16 posted...
Nosydew posted...
I don't think it needs any adjustments.

At the very least I think they need to readjust the might threshold. Why give access at 15k might if you can only realistically do it with a full team of 20k?

I explained it in another post that the reason the might requirement is placed is really to give people access to the fight itself and allow you to be carried by stronger teams while still being able to contribute a bit.

If they placed the theshhold to a more realistic threshold of 20k than you would hear even more complaints of people not being able to access the fight and that they are walling off the majority of the player base.

With a 15k base it at the very least allows you to access the fight and gives you a chance to attempt it to clear with those willing to carry the weight with their stronger teams. We already have room reqs we can set in co - op , we don’t really need a mandatory might req though it can get confusing for players thinking that it’s the actual bare minimum needed across all players barring some rare exceptions
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