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User Info: flare89

1 week ago#1
You can use Wyrmite to buy more dragon builder guys (forgot name) I literally played for over a month with 2/2 builders because i thought you had to spend real money to get diamantium to get more of them... you can use the free currency to buy them. Highly highly recommend doing so.

Just didn't want more new players making my mistake in leveling their halidom.
(edited 1 week ago)
I wasn't sure if it was worth it at first, so I hesitated for a week. If I hadn't hesitated, I'd already have smithy level 9.

Absolutely recommend maxing it out immediately unless you are still trying to get a specific hero on the current showcase.
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User Info: Neridia

1 week ago#3
You don’t really need to max them. To me 3 is actually enough.

User Info: InfestedAdam

1 week ago#4
Currently crafting material, not builders, is limiting me so two has been enough for now. But thank you for the notice about using Wyrmite instead.
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User Info: kaushik20

1 week ago#5
4 smithwyrms has always been considered the optimal amount. Personally, I dropped the wyrmite for the 5th one and I never regretted it.

User Info: flkid

1 week ago#6
What 0-0 people actually have less than 5? Must take soo long to raise facility level. Im currently at like facility level 925 cant imagine how long it would take with only 3 or 4 smiths. The wyrmite(not even that much either) is well worth it to have 5 imo.
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User Info: B4700

1 week ago#7
5. Just have Weapon Dojos to get to 30. I never have unused dragos
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I have four. The fifth one is a good chunk and I foresee myself getting to the point where material scarcity will have a couple of them sitting idle anyway.

User Info: flare89

1 week ago#9
Yeah the dojos and fafnirs and etc use up all your wyrms for a long long long time until you run out of coins for dojos.

Also yeah its not a lot of wyrmite i remember 100% worth it. I'm at 1043 halidom even started out real slow. Its been about 5 months of 5/5 and im finally not maxing my smithwyrms (remembered the name) simply because i do not have enough silver coins.

But early in this game leveling altars, dojo, dragon tree, rupie mines... so much stuff to do and not enough wyrms to do it.

User Info: fernantendo

1 week ago#10
It depends how fast you want to go in the early halidom.

5 builders means very fast building. But it does mean that later, it will feel like a waste since there isn't as much to build (but then builds take a long time, so you might still have very busy builders).

Nowadays, and for the past couple of months, I've always had builders for anything I wanted. But I started on day 1, playing daily. And for facility events, you pretty much dedicate one builder to that facility, and have to be careful to not get caught with no builders available when those events start.
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