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  3. Just beat Nightmare and got grand bounty chest..

User Info: flkid

1 month ago#1
Contained 1000 eldwater and more importantly a sunlight ore! I believe the chest resets daily so we can almost get a full sunlight stone if the rewards are the same everytime. Pretty cool!

Boss has a lot of hp tho. We must of had near 90k total might and beat it with 25 secs left.
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User Info: Arrawnt

1 month ago#2
20 succulent and a twinkling grain for my bounty.

User Info: Silversayian

1 month ago#3
1000 eldwater and a key fragment i received
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User Info: TheLuckySeven

1 month ago#4
1000 eldwater and damascus crystal here. So it's always an unbind material it seems, but a random one of the assumedly four.

User Info: gogohappyday

1 month ago#5
I did it.

Had 5 seconds remaining.

Doing enough DPS is the key to winning this.

Got 3 clovers and a twinkling grains.

User Info: Meta289

1 month ago#6
So I had a fun glitch occur where all of the visual effects disappeared, so I couldn't see where the Phantasmal Wolves rings were. Needless to say, that run was a failure. - Tea time, f***ers.
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User Info: Tetrana

1 month ago#7
1000 eldwater and 1 twinkling grain for me. Our group was basically four 22k+ Light teams, and even so, we finished with 8 seconds left on the clock and only the right arm destroyed.
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User Info: AogamiZephyr

1 month ago#8
The eldwater and Damascus crystal for me, which let finally MUB my Ocean's Monarch so yay! Hopefully I can get some sunlight ores through the rest of the dailies.

User Info: georgethecow4

1 month ago#9
So I’ve been using Hildegarde since DPS hasn’t really mattered but it’s time to give her the boot. I have Alfonse, B.Zardin, and Lucretia on my team. The only real contenders for fourth spot are Odetta, Yachiyo, and Amane.

Yachiyo seems like she’ll be at a serious disadvantage if she can’t paralyze. I feel like Odetta is the one to invest in because I want raw strength and she can give it, plus everyone is grouped around Sabnock so her S2 should always hit a few people. What do you guys think?

Also I pulled one more time in hopes of getting a great Light adventurer or dragon - I didn’t, but I got Leviathian instead so it worked out

User Info: Polimario

1 month ago#10
3 Clovers + 1 Sunlight Ore.

Timer ran out for my group while Sabnock had a tiny amount of HP left, but we managed to Break him before he did his insta-kill move, so everybody went Cupid and took him out.
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  3. Just beat Nightmare and got grand bounty chest..
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