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PkmTrainerAbram 2 months ago#1

Probably one of the more digestible articles on breeding and understanding the stat system of the game I've seen so far.
PkmTrainerAbram 2 months ago#2
The dev just uploaded patch notes for breeding changes and stat inheritance in the Discord need section. We'll get the update, eventually.

OK, I've got a wealth of new stat info to share with everyone for today's update, I'd like to table it for discussion to see if I need some tweaks before go-live later today!
+Stat orbs now can only increase your stat to 30% above the natural growth value. In other words, if your monster would have a stat of 100 from just standard grinding, this will allow it to reach 130. This can be used at any time so no fear of using them too early or too late.

+Upon breeding, fusion, etc. a new base stat total limiter is applied. The limit is calculated as follows: 3.0 base in every stat (HP,Atk,Def,Mag,Res,GR). So therefore the most well rounded, evenly distributed monster would have a stat total of: 18.0. Your newly created monsters can only overcome the 3.0 limit by SPECIALIZATION! (more details below). Keep in mind that the highest growth rate is like 1.4, so that frees up more points for other stats.

+If your monster exceeds the 18.0 limit, it will be scaled down. Internally this is done by reverse-isotope therapy but you don't really need to know this because it's all done in code in an instant but I thought you monster scientists would value that info

+You may exceed the 3.0 stat limit of course by say, decreasing speed, freeing up more points for Attack power, etc. You get the idea.

+There is an exception for additional specialization. Monsters receive a 10% boost, AFTER the Base Stat Total limit, based on their type. The boost is provided as follows:

Malicious +10% Mag
Brute +10% Atk
Will +10% Def
Relentless +10% Speed
Unstable +10% Res

+This means you will have to be more careful with breeding. It's not enough to inherit Atk and Mag anymore from your two highest monsters, you have to ensure the other inherited stats do not cause a BST exceed, because if you do, the stats will be scaled down. So breeding the best possible stats just got harder!
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