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User Info: ceresbane

6 months ago#1
I dunno if this is what the real reason is. But everytime the switch updates news while I'm playing the game crashes.

I notice this because everytime you get a crash you get sent to the home screen and every single time it has happened there was the notification of new news on the news section.

Possible solution to the random crashes is setting the switch to air plane mode? Suffice to say its the ports fault than a system fault. Many third parties suffer this issue on the first week or so of launch. I noticed it on fire emblem warriors early on for example then, it got fixed.

Its been weeks however and no new patches from NIS... thats concerning...
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User Info: Jordan3D

6 months ago#2
Agreed, I hope that they don't just run off with everyone's money and avoid fixing the major issues with the port. There's nothing worse than getting really far in the item world without leaving for a while, and having the game crash because of shoddy programming.

User Info: InfinityOver0

6 months ago#3
If that's the case, you could just take your switch off the internet before jumping into the item world
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