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  3. What other Pre Neo Geo games would you like to see added?
Rambo85 2 years ago#11
Will more games actually be added to this collection? I was thinking the one update was it until they release a volume 2 collection. I hope I’m wrong on that & they just keep updating this with new games.
Questionmarktarius 2 years ago#12
Are there even enough games left for a 'volume 2'?
Atariboy1982 2 years ago#13
There's a good number left, but obviously no plans for a volume 2. All the big names are in volume 1 with the possible exception of Baseball Stars for the NES.

Note that I'm unfortunately not a Switch owner as of yet and won't get to play this myself until it hits the PS4. So my timeline information from the game's history section that I'm basing this post off is from a Digital Eclipse YouTube stream from before launch. There was one title that I couldn't read since they scrolled too quickly, and the list continued into 1990 but the Digital Eclipse guy didn't scroll to the very end. Not much for arcade content will be missing though, considering the 1990 introduction of their Neo Geo hardware.

-Safari Rally (1979)
-The Monkey/Monkey Friend (1980)
-Atom Smasher (1980)
-Satan of Saturn (1981)
-Pioneer Balloon (1982)
-Lasso (1982)
-Mahjong Classroom (1983)
-Marvin's Maze (1983)
-Vanguard II (1984)
-Gladiator (1984)
-Jumping Cross (1984)
-Main Event (1984)
-Canvas Croquis (1985)
-HAL 21 (1985)
-Meijinsen (1985)
-Ikari (1987/Computer)
-Jongbou-Jongbou 2 (1987/Console)
-Touchdown Fever (1987)
-Jongbou 2 (1987)
-Fighting Golf (1988)
-Fighting Golf (1988/Console)
-Touchdown Fever 2 (1988)
-Touchdown Fever (1988/Console)
-Satomi Hakkenden (1989)
-Baseball Stars (1989/Console)
-Sky Adventure (1989)
-The Next Space (1989)
-Dexterity (1990)

I deliberately left off Micon Kit/Micon Block and Yosaku, since they aren't accessible digital form and have perhaps the final extant survivors being held by an overzealous collector.

Some good games there like my personal favorite, Satan of Saturn (Which annoyingly ran on the same hardware as three games that did get included here, but got passed by just the same). But there are no well known arcade classics like Vanguard or Ikari Warriors left to headline a collection with, I'm afraid. All the bigger names were in volume 1, with nothing held back to sell a volume 2 with. By leaving just more obscure arcade classics behind, it's an obvious sign they aren't planning a volume 2.

There could be a nice paid DLC pack formed out of the best of these though, but no signs that paid DLC add-ons are planned. Worth adding that a half dozen or so of these like Vanguard II did see release as PSP Minis for the PSP/PS3/Vita and remain available on the Playstation Store, if any of you were unaware and want to expand your SNK arcade library further.
SSJ_Sonikku 2 years ago#14
I think they should at least add the rest of the games that are only available on PSN mini plus others that they can add easily, and add Baseball Stars for good measure. If we have to pay for that as dlc, I might be OK with that.
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  3. What other Pre Neo Geo games would you like to see added?
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