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User Info: Cropsy

6 months ago#1
Just posted this to the PS4 board too.

Apparently this was quietly reissued sometime during the summer as I bought it from Amazon back in July and finally got around to installing it today.

After the game finished installing, I was expecting an update to start, but it never did. Checked the game information and the size is 36.24 GB and the version is 1.03. I decided to start the game and to my surprise I was able to play Spyro 2 and 3.

I don't think there is a way to tell what issue you'll get before purchasing it as the game's front and back cover art both look the same.


However, the disc itself has different verbage and adds 2019 copyright info on it. Even though it says "required content download," everything is on the disc.

I'm surprised neither Activision nor Toys for Bob has mentioned anything about this.
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User Info: hanautaBOB

6 months ago#2
So... the only thing you can do is look for the ©2018, 2019 on the Disc?

Sounds dumb they didn't use some money to change the box accordingly, but maybe some stores can either tell you they got newer deliveries or they allow you to look at the Disc...

Uh, guess I gotta go to Game Stop then, even though they are really pressing me for all that merchandise I don't care for...

User Info: BlueJuan

6 months ago#3
Friend of mine bought a fresh copy at Walmart and it was complete version. New one appears to have an ad of CTR Nitro Fueled in a slip while the original game did not. He also properly looked at the disc and saw the ‘2018, 2019’ there.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

6 months ago#4
Stop spamming every board with this bulls***.

User Info: Cropsy

6 months ago#5
Two boards is every board. Lol, nice try kid.
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User Info: MightyGroudon

6 months ago#6
I got this game over a month ago expecting a huge download. I was shocked that I didn't need a download, the size was far smaller than what I was told, and somehow I had version 1.03 with just an install. I even double checked online to make sure something wasn't wrong with my game. I consider myself lucky to have just stumbled upon this lucky coincidence at random

User Info: Turbo_Egg_Salad

6 months ago#7
Do we have any verification that this is indeed true yet?
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User Info: infamousify

6 months ago#8
This is absolutely truly utterly pathetic & greedy of Activision to not even add a sticker or marker saying it has all 3 games now or change the box art at least very lazy & confusing for people wanting a full physical copy now. It makes me think if this has been reissued like topic suggests it was done as a "Complete Mistake/Accident" that wasn't intended as why hasn't Activision or Toys For Bob been public about it or at least mentioned it to let consumers know it's the full 100% product now and not 1/3 of a Trilogy.
(edited 6 months ago)

User Info: brett695

6 months ago#9
So how do we get this new reprint of the game? Just buy it and hope that's it? I tried to contact amazon and they said they can't give the information on what version it is.
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User Info: zockermiller

6 months ago#10
I would also like to know. I refused to buy a half ass game on disc! But is this true then??? All games on one disc???
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