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Been playing this for a bit now, and I'm really loving it, but repairing my frigates after a mission is getting to be a real pain in the ass.

For starters, at least as far as I can tell, it doesn't inform you what materials you'll need to make the repairs in the debrief or the damage report, you have to actually fly to the frigate, get out and make your way to each damaged component in order to find out. Then, either each different frigate or each different damage incident requires different materials, not all of which I'm always carrying, seeing as carrying space is at such a premium.

Lastly (and I'm not entirely sure this is the way the game is, it might be just a bug in my playthrough), in my latest repair, I went to the damaged components, found out, as usual, that I didn't happen to be carrying any gold. Fine. So I went out to my ship, destroyed a few nearby asteroids, re-landed on my frigate, and went to make the repairs, only to discover the kriffing materials needed had just randomly changed to silver and ferrite dust! I had some silver on me thanks to my aforementioned asteroid destruction, but as common an element as it is, I didn;t have any ferrite dust. Meaning I had to get back in my damn ship again, fly to my freighter, and grab some dust from one of my storage units.

Thankfully the needed materials hadn't changed yet again this time, but god damn, they could easily avoid this issue; they already go to the trouble of including a damage report, would it be too hard to include what materials you need as well? Anbody else agree? Or am I just showing my stupidity for missing something obvious, which someone will kindly point out?

Ranting frequencies closed.

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