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User Info: VoiceGS

3 months ago#1

So got NMS on game pass and so far I'm enjoying it. I saw a vid on yt saying you can get a free freighter after saving them from pirates. Which I then did. I landed on it then left right after seeing it was a B Class one. After that I left without talking to the captain and never reloaded, has that cost me from not gaining another mission to save a freighter and getting it free? Or will it pop up at some point as I have ran around the systems in wealthy systems and haven't found anything yet.

Any tips would be great.



User Info: MetalZoic

2 months ago#2
I actually can't remember for sure, but it might be the first one you complete the mission for becomes the free one.

Ask on the PS4 board as its far busier then here

User Info: Thrippa

2 months ago#3
The first freighter you accept is the free one, UNLESS you have already bought one. I looked at about eight freighters before I found one I liked. According to other players, if they bought one they did not ever get offered a free one.

This was on PS4, but it should work the same on XBox.

User Info: Fluke-Slywalker

1 month ago#4
Yeah don't do it. I accepted a class A with 24 slots thinking it was good. Several hours later I rescue one from pirates... it looked like a star destroyer from Star Wars, huge.. i was like omg!!! Thought I could swap it but I didn't have the 98 million trade off. So just accept the payment until you get an S class with like 30+ slots.
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