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  3. What do you look for in a planet when setting up a home base?

User Info: LeonKennedy28

1 year ago#1
Or do you just build smaller bases every few systems? I'm thinking about getting back into this with all the updates.
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User Info: OddAsymmetric

1 year ago#2
Flat land, low or no occurrence of storms and system economy. Typically this ends of being a paradise planet, so I also try to find one that has a pleasing color scheme. My current main base has purple grass and teal water. Other bases I make are strictly functional. One hab and a power grid to farm up metals. This can take a bit trying to find a EM field in buildable distance apart from a mining location. If they are within 650u from another you can put your base dead center and still build at both locations.

User Info: ACiDx0nE

1 year ago#3
I have found more times than not that “Paradise Planets” are not what they seem. I’ve personally had better luck with flourishing planets. That’s just me.
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User Info: Man-In-Black

1 year ago#4
Will the planet and subsequent inhabitants immediately try to kill, eat me or lay eggs in me.
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User Info: ACiDx0nE

1 year ago#5
I think I found a new planet I dig, no extreme weather, decent solar system, flourishing planet, lots of materials - time to try a new base
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User Info: MetalZoic

1 year ago#6
Extreme weather and storms.
Abundance of dangerous animals.
Very hostile sentinels.

I see no point at all in building a base on planets that are peaceful.

User Info: ACiDx0nE

1 year ago#7
Sure, go for the challenge. I have planet after planet filled with hazards, storms and critters ready to eat you up. And let’s not forget our good buddies the Sentinels that get pissed off anytime you look at them wrong. Can these all be overcome with an unlimited amount resources? Absolutely.

However, when I want you be creative, explore and not fight the entire galaxy, why not find and choose a planet where you can take away some of the hostile variables and enjoy the game? Build that base and perfect it. Explore an ENTIRE planet, feed the creatures instead of destroy them in an environment you can actually see what your doing. This isn’t Call of Duty, this is No Man’s Sky fellow Traveller
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User Info: Bebo_Fett

1 year ago#8
My base was on a very toxic planet. I thought it was awesome.

It killed it for me though with the update. I hate how things need power. Especially, the safes which all my materials are in that I can't open....

User Info: midnyghtsson265

1 year ago#9
I have a base on a stormy planet to help with my progress with extreme weather. I need to spend a certain amount of time on hostile worlds so I figure anytime I'm working there ill be building up my time. Then I have about 13 collection points with teleport. I build a network of extractors and supply depots for resources I want and just teleport there to pick up. That took a lot of work to set up having to find the planets and resources and also find a power source close enough for steady power...but it was worth it. I now have unlimited resources for a lot of good stuff.

Me and a buddy are planning a coop base on an ice planet though...they look amazing and I would like to look out my base windows and see snow.
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User Info: jackacid

9 months ago#10
1. 3-star economy
2. Solid common mats at the space station

1. Non-aggressive sentinels
2. Storm planet for early bases (money), tranquil planet for later bases
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