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  3. I need some help. Anyone familiar with Kompozer, or other WYSIWYG programs?

User Info: rockoperajon

5 years ago#1
The business I work for has a website that was originally designed in Dreamweaver. After that, we had a web designer who made a lot of edits to the site by directly re-writing the HTML code. The web designer was a friend of the owner, so she charged next to nothing for her work. Unfortunately, they recently had a falling out, and now she won't do any more work on the site. We don't have the budget to hire a new web designer, so I'm trying to make some edits to the site myself.

I don't know nearly enough about writing HTML to edit the code directly, so I downloaded Kompozer. I created one webpage from scratch and it works perfectly. But when I tried to edit some existing pages, I ran into problems.

The first page I tried to edit, all I did was change a few paragraphs of text, and then when I loaded it up, the whole page appeared as nothing but a mass of code. Pictures, backgrounds, everything was gone, and all that was left was a screen filled with HTML code.

The second page I tried to edit, I replaced an old picture with a newer one, and changed the text in a link. When I loaded that one up, the background and navigation bar were still the same, but all the other text and links were missing, along with most of my pictures. The remaining pictures were all pushed together in the center of the page.

I know that unless you saw the HTML code itself, you couldn't tell me exactly how to fix those pages. But does anyone know why this would have happened in the first place? I thought the whole point of using a WYSIWYG editor was to avoid problems like this. Is this a common bug with Kompozer, or is it just me? Does this have anything to do with the fact that the pages were originally designed outside of Kompozer?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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User Info: red_robin

5 years ago#2
This is going to be a terrible, unmaintainable mess. If you're not willing to hire a professional, don't have a website. It will do more harm than good for the company.

User Info: onoturtle

5 years ago#3
Maybe you'll have better luck using Dreamweaver? In my 10+ year outdated knowledge of Dreamweaver, I remember it added a bunch of unnecessary tags to produce a webpage. I suppose that could cause trouble when using a different WYSIWYG.

If you're only going to be editing text, then you could just do that by editing the HTML directly, imitating the existing structure. I'm just assuming it is plain static text here and you're not dealing with anything dynamic. And that's maybe all you can do until you can hire someone.
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  3. I need some help. Anyone familiar with Kompozer, or other WYSIWYG programs?
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