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  3. Unique game title, will be be any good?

User Info: Madness2012

11 months ago#1
Just curious about Decay of Logos.

User Info: TylerID

10 months ago#2
Yeah I'm on the fence also on how good it will be be.

User Info: CaIiber345

10 months ago#3
Has anyone played it yet? How is it?
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Wouldn't you say, friend?"

User Info: tadkennedy

10 months ago#4
I bought this. Pretty good. Very little explanation about the menus, controls or details. I find myself wandering. I haven't figured out the rpg aspects yet.

Combat is brutal. If you get hit, you are seriously damaged. Hopefully that lightens up as I progress.

I am going into it with an open mind.
Tad Kennedy

User Info: WiiareVenom

8 months ago#5
Its decent. But it is very vague in what to do. Also, the enemies, which all appear to be Groot so far, hit like trucks.
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  2. Decay of Logos
  3. Unique game title, will be be any good?
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