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User Info: Metalhero

3 months ago#1
I usually grind the same easy locations over and over to keep my battle rank low, and I always grind specifically to upgrade my equipment since I found that made the biggest difference. However, in a previous playthrough I ended up in a situation where my characters had maxed out gear but I had not even unlocked the regular scarlet fiends to fight. I manage to beat the version of the final boss I fought, but only by the skin of the teeth.

I'm thinking of starting another playthrough and wanted to preemptively ask what other people do in the situation where they're specifically grinding for stats in the endgame. Are hard quests better for HP and weapon levels and should I do as many unique battles to raise my battle rank as high as possible to make it easier to raise my weapon levels faster? My impression that only the first form of the final boss is really affected by your battle rank, so grinding for HP like this should be fine.

Any insight on the matter would be appreciated.

User Info: Synyard

3 months ago#2
So HP gains and weapon ranks scale on different factors.

HP scales on the number of battles you’ve been in. And learning weapon/magic techs, as well as leveling techs scale with battles fought in way as well, since more battles means more BP used. And BP is what learning/leveling techs scales off of. So fighting more battles means more HP, more techs, and higher leveled techs. Easy enough.

Your weapon rank and the enemies you face scale to the battle rank, however.

What makes that a significant difference is the battle difficulties. Both the difficulty of the node and the difficulty that your game is set on affect the battle rank.

So if you set it to easy difficulty and fight easy nodes repeatedly, this means the battle rank will slowly rise but you’ll get plenty of meaningful stats in the meanwhile. Your HP will rise at a rate much faster than enemies’ do, and you’ll learn and rank up techs faster than the enemies get stronger - but takes overall longer in real time. This allows you to make the whole experience easier for a while.

But if you set it to hard difficulty and fight hard nodes, particularly ones you haven’t done before, your battle rank will rapidly rise to the point to where even easy node enemies often 1 or 2 shot you. The benefit to this is that your weapon ranks rise really fast.
The reason you’d want this is to specifically learn and master techs. The higher your weapon rank, the easier it is to learn and master techs.

So generally, if you’re grinding early or mid game because you want a power boost against regular nodes then it’s best to set it to easy and repeat nodes that you’ve completed before. This allows you to outscale the enemies with HP, and you’ll round out your tech lists and get plenty of tech rank ups in the meanwhile.

But if you’re at endgame and you’re grinding for nodes whose difficulty doesn’t change like the Scarlet Fiends or final boss, then it’s best to have it on hard difficulty and fight hard nodes(or normal ones because the hard ones get too hard sometimes x_x). You’ll learn and rank up techs much faster, and you’re still getting HP at the same rate as if you had it on easy. Regular nodes can and will get extremely difficult if not impossible without certain strategies, which is why you should wait until endgame.

And the battle rank scales faster if you fight nodes you haven’t done before and slower if you’re repeating a node. But if you’re grinding you eventually run out of new nodes regardless so I wouldn’t stress about it too much.

What I personally do is set it on easy until endgame, and then at endgame set it to hard and grind hard nodes until they’re too much trouble, then normal nodes, then eventually settle on easy nodes and grind until 999 HP. I try to do every node before I start grinding the same one repeatedly. Then start a new game, set it to easy, and start the grind over. I almost have every role on Elisabeth and Kahn, Leonard and Sabit aren’t far behind them, and I’m maybe halfway done with Leonard and Chiago.
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User Info: unwashed_masses

2 months ago#3
I did not know there were difficulty settings, I thought look into that.

I thought that battle rank raised more slowly only if you were doing the same mode over and over. I did not realize that it raised more slowly just from simply doing nodes you have already done before. So I can do a bunch of different nodes and as long as I’ve fought there before the rank won’t go up as quickly?

Also, there are some nodes that disappear and reappear. There is a side quest area for Urpina where she learns to dual wield. In this area there are nodes in the sea that disappear and reappear. Do you think they still count as ‘old nodes’ in terms of battle rank if they disappear or reappear or perhaps every time it reappears it’s considered a new node? I suspect that’s not the case but I am paranoid.
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User Info: unwashed_masses

2 months ago#4
Apologies, I did find a topic explaining it thoroughly. There were parts of the early game with lots of nodes, like various mines, that I skipped and that likely kept my BR low. The main reason I would think of grinding a node is to get materials and crystals, especially to upgrade staves to find the elemental ones. But I might take your suggestion of changing the difficulty to easy when I decide to grind a bit. Although I’d much rather grind with a large cast of characters so perhaps I should wait.

the only other thing is weapon experience - I’ve heard that raising new weapons gets increasingly harder. I’m not sure if that is true or not. If the rubberbanding effect of having low weapon level on your secondary weapon occurs then it should be easier to level more weapons, unless there is scaling based on your highest weapon level or total weapon experience gained.

User Info: Synyard

2 months ago#5
Weapon ranks and sparking new techs is tied to each individual weapon. So learning more greatsword techs doesn’t influence the rate you learn bow techs, for instance.
Same for ranking up weapons.

And you spark techs faster the less you know for that individual weapon for that specific character. So the later techs are typically more difficult to spark, but if you know the specific strong techs you want you can usually get them really quick.

And because of the rubberbanding, your characters’ weapon ranks scale to the battle rank and your HP to the battle number rather quickly.

So it’s kinda never too late to raise a new character, even right before the final boss.
They very quickly raise to the same weapon ranks/HP as everyone else. And if you’re later in the game, they learn techs really quickly because their weapon rank raises so rapidly. And since you’re later you’re more likely to have later weapons that have the stronger techs, so they typically learn those fast.

So it’s not a bad idea to grind a bit earlier to make it easier for later. There is little risk involved if you want to replace someone.

The only soft stop to grinding is once you hit 999 hp, because the enemies will still still get stronger and start 1 shotting you.
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User Info: FlyingMule

1 month ago#6
Keeping low Battle Rank is bad, because the endgame challenges don't scale. If you keep low BR, you are just keeping a wider gap between your power level and the enemy power level.

User Info: killerb255

1 month ago#7
FlyingMule posted...
Keeping low Battle Rank is bad, because the endgame challenges don't scale. If you keep low BR, you are just keeping a wider gap between your power level and the enemy power level.

I found this out the hard way when blitzing through a Leonard Playthrough to experiment with different Scarlet Shard combinations. Got bodied. Hard.

User Info: Exa_Man

1 month ago#8
killerb255 posted...
I found this out the hard way when blitzing through a Leonard Playthrough to experiment with different Scarlet Shard combinations. Got bodied. Hard.

Same here. His walkthrough is rough but fortunately I get to benefit from all your hard experimentation work with him thanks to the VERY handy walkthrough you recently posted. Thanks a kazillion bub!! 👍😊:D
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