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So, I noticed that you keep whichever one you asked for between playthroughs. Am I right in assuming that they cannot rank up? And if so, are any really worth keeping over the others?
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User Info: Synyard

4 months ago#2
I’ve never bothered much with them because you don’t get any roles from them or anything, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to rank them up.
You can rank up the weapon specific techs so I’d be very surprised if you can’t rank these up.
But maybe you can’t for some reason. I’ve never tried.

As for any worth keeping...Aether et Terra is probably the best? It’s got a 45% stun rate, putting it 15% higher than the next best options of Tumble and Sweep. Only thing is that it has very low damage for its BP cost. But if it does hypothetically rank up, at rank II or III it’s quite good because it’ll be a good stun chance(highest your party can do) for 2 or 3 BP.

Blitz is just a slightly weaker Demilune, but aquatics are weak to it. Except I thought aquatics were already weak to electric, which Demilune is, so Demilune already kinda covers this niche. Kinda pointless but it’s not terrible. It’s better than Demilune vs Aquatics, but Demilune is better in any other situation. But it’s pretty marginal.

I can’t remember the name of the third tech. It could be useful but I haven’t tried it. It minorly out-damages Brusque Slice and 50% to cause frenzy...Could be useful to set up guaranteed counters with Apathy. Or to guarantee blocks with other characters. I don’t see myself doing it very often if at all, but it sounds like it could be a useful strategy.

The thing with these 3 techs is that they’re mostly adding situational utility or even just questionable utility, but it’s to the weapon that already has loads of utility and eclipses the other weapons in options. If any other weapon got these three techs then it might be a real choice, but longswords just have so many combat options already that it doesn’t really matter.

I mean, longswords can hit slash, pierce, blunt, fire, and electricity, have a block tech, have a counter, interrupt slashing and piercing, have a ranged attack, have a delay attack, have speedy attacks that move you up in the turn order, have attacks that hit all enemies, can stun, and they can deal extra damage to undead.
Off the top of my head, the only things that they can’t do that other weapons can is buff your own stats, debuff, and inflict status ailments.
Do they really need the extra options afforded to them by these 3 techs? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter because they get them anyway. All 3 are situationally useful but I probably wouldn’t stick with Blitz.
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User Info: killerb255

4 months ago#3
Correct. They don't rank up at all, and you can carry them to other Playthroughs. If you do enough Playthroughs, you can carry over all three skills. :)

Urpina and Taria can do this, as they both have access to the Chapter 3 Scarlet Shards Hibernia events in question. Balmaint doesn't have a Scarlet Shards event in Hibernia, and Leonard's events don't involve conspiring with any of the Hibernia houses.

User Info: Synyard

4 months ago#4
Oh you really can’t rank them up? LMAO

Yeah, actually forget my last post. They’re all garbage.

Maybe, maybe Aether et Terra for the 45% stun in some niche and improbable situations, but 5 BP is too much for that tech.
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User Info: pretzelgm

3 months ago#5
correct me if i'm wrong, but is blitz a super fast move too? that may help with unite attacks when faced with speedy enemies.
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