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User Info: killerb255

5 months ago#1
I was reading through one of the Japanese wikis:


and found the following under the Earth Serpent/Urpina Rescue Route section, which would apply to Taria (Chapter 3) and Balmaint (second Intermission during Part 6A):

(Google Translate Engrish below)

Part 3: Repair of Daigiri
The flow is almost the same as the repair route of Urpina Chapter 1.
  1. Heading out of the northeastern world from the remains of the sea bridge in Trakini .
  2. Collect materials to repair the emperor's large saw at five locations outside the northeastern world .
  • Bottomless Swamp : Obtain "Stone Floating in Mud" after battle
  • Hell Gate : Obtain "Stone Heart" after battle
  • Mannen Sakura : Obtain "10 million petals" after the battle
  • Earth Fang : Obtain "Earth Fang" after battle ( 6 consecutive battles )
  • Lake of Spirits : Obtain "The True Figure"
  • A monster will appear if you select it when the image is other than yourself.
3.After collecting the five materials, return to El Wakan, Trakini .
  • If Elwakan is destroyed , head from the Pan Temple to Stahl in Yaksalt .
4.Obtain the Emperor's Great Saw / New above .

So I did the following with an old Balmaint save at the beginning of Part 6A:

  1. Go to Megdasse and fight the Earth Serpent.
  2. Immediately go from there to Thracini instead of going to Azhuacan right away.
  3. Witnessed the Earth Golem attacking Elhuacan events (fought the Golems and entered Elhuacan).
  4. Go to Azhuacan to talk to the Holy Republic Soldiers.
  5. Go to Rhonicum to pick up Maximus (will correct this in the next version of the Balmaint FAQ and will also be reflected in the Taria FAQ)
  6. Go back to Azhuacan to have Maximus leave party/dedicate himself to the Holy Republic
  7. Go back to Rhonicum, golems attack Silmium. Recruit Antonius
  8. Chase Savnok flunkies to Parm -> Cerenaif -> Zegna -> Mare Ilfee
  9. Pick choices to stay on Urpina Rescue route.
  10. Go to Thracini
  11. Go to Northeast Boundary to get materials to reforge saw
  12. Go back to Thracini and to Elhuacan. Guard says the flunkies made off with the forging tools and took them to the Pantheon
  13. Go to Pantheon. Nobody home. Antonius prays and Bartlett grabs everyone and takes them to Yaxart.
  14. Go to Stahl and use their forge to rebuild the Saw.

User Info: Kenaryu_77

5 months ago#2
I always wondered what that was about, never managed to visit it in any of my playthroughs.
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