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User Info: killerb255

5 months ago#1
The Taria Walkthrough is not quite done yet. I have updated the three existing FAQs:

In general, lots of typos fixed after adding a spell check plugin to Notepad++. Yes, I'm old...

Character Recruitment FAQ v1.5:

- All stats filled in for all characters now

Balmaint Walkthrough v1.2:

- Added flowcharts to the Part 5 and Intermission 2 [Scarlet Shards] Marchiam
Bicyniro sections! It should be MUCH easier to figure out what to do in
Bicyniro now! I may consider this for Gradion and some of the other sections
with five bazillion branching paths in the future!
- Some Part 6A corrections, particularly regarding access to Mare Ilfee from
Thracini and the ability to recruit Lewis Darling, Angle, and Socrates during
second Intermission [Phoenix] (You can't. [Earth Serpent] [URPINA KIDNAPPING
EVENTS] only).

Urpina Walkthrough v1.3:

- Added flowcharts to the Chapter 2 and 3 Marchiam Bicyniro sections for both
[Sigfrei] and [Scarlet Shards]! It should be MUCH easier to figure out what to
do in Bicyniro now! I may consider this for Gradion and some of the other
sections with five bazillion branching paths in the future!
- Added more side quests to the "Tying Up Loose Ends" section.
- Added Kenaryu_77's instructions to recruit Black-Robed Figure early (still
requires the [BLACK-ROBE] route in Chapter 1, though).

User Info: Synyard

5 months ago#2
Maybe this is off-topic, but which FAQ/guide was the most fun to write so far?
And was there anything that was unexpectedly frustrating?
"It's not working. The banana is not melting."

User Info: killerb255

5 months ago#3
All four FAQs so far (the three currently published plus the upcoming Taria Walkthrough) have been both fun and frustrating at times.

"Unexpectedly frustrating" usually happens when I'm testing multiple paths and forget to save before testing or accidentally save over my branch save after testing. Some examples:

  • Urpina Chapter 3 Scarlet Shards and all the options in Hibernia. I did what @_davidovitch_ did the first time I played and conspired with Makulilkali instead of the Grove of Silence. Having to go all the way back to my end-of Chapter 2 Sigfrei save and then speedrun through Chapter 3 was pretty frustrating, but it did help me find a few more conditionals in Bicyniro, Megdasse, and Gradion.
  • Both Sigfrei and Scarlet Shards Bicyniro rumors...Oh. Mah. Gawd. I learned to use like four different save files testing that mess, especially if I end up getting a town destroyed, run out of rumors, or fail the objective altogether!
  • For Balmaint, starting an Intermission and then accidentally saving over my file at the beginning of whatever Part I'm on. Fortunately I learned a lot from Urpina and had like eight different save files for Balmaint--usually having one at the beginning of each Part. :D
  • Gradion. The baby. Francis. Nuff said.
  • For Taria, accidentally triggering the wrong Common Quest because of how her Trigger Regions are laid out.
The fun usually comes after the rewarding feeling of discovering something new:

  • Knowing (almost) definitively how the Bicyniro rumors work now. This is something the Japanese wikis covered somewhat, but missed a few possibilities (Sigfrei Anchiano Rumor 1 and the Tatzelwurm...the flowchart alone should tell you what kind of mess that was).
I still haven't found out whether getting the well to appear from the Anchiano rumors early can help revive that town if it gets destroyed in Urpina or Taria's Chapter 3, Balmaint's Part 5, or Balmaint's second Intermission Scarlet Shards. If it does, then that's a huge reason for having Urpina escape to Bicyniro in Chapter 1 or Taria to simply start that rumor during her Chapter 1. For Bal, your best option is to finish the Anchiano rumor chain during Part 5 and trigger the well rumor before being sent back to Rhonicum. Leo's going to be a whole different can of worms because I think his rumors are a mix of the Scarlet Shards and the standard rumors.

  • What to do and what to avoid when trying to recruit Sasha with Urpina. That's why I feel bad when someone accidentally messes up on a step recruiting her because that whole process is ridiculous, even for a SaGa game. It kind of reminds me of recruiting some characters in Suikoden V.
  • Endgame and final boss combinations (especially that long ass marathon Urpina gets when conspiring with Adill!!!)
  • Discovering that sixth ending for Balmaint! When that happened, I immediately thought to myself "everything I'm doing this year with this game is worth it." Although one of the Japanese wikis touched on it, it wasn't completely clear on how to get it. Both wikis only mentioned five endings total.
  • Knowing definitively how Taria's Common Quest Trigger Regions work. Sigfrei is the one that throws people off the most because there are two ways to start that quest from Termina:
1) Go north to Normi and refuse Sasha's request to find the Scarlet Shards.
2) Leave and re-enter Termina without triggering another Common Quest beforehand. Going to Cindrea and back is the best way to avoid trouble. If you go through Thracini, you'll start Earth Serpent and if you go to Normi...well, you're pretty much doing Method #1.

What really gets people is refusing Sasha's request in Chapter 2 means that Sasha won't let you refuse her in Chapter 3. So let's say someone wants to do Chapter 2 Earth Serpent -> Chapter 3 Sigfrei. They decide to go through Gradion, refuse Sasha's request, and then go to Rhonicum to start Chapter 2 Earth Serpent like normal. For Chapter 3, assuming they don't know about Method #2, they decide to go north to Normi and try to refuse Sasha's request again. Guess what? They're stuck with Chapter 3 Scarlet Shards.

User Info: Synyard

5 months ago#4
Thank you for answering my questions!

On my very first Urpina playthrough I had escaped to Bicyniro and discovered the well. I had listened to and believed all rumors from all other towns too.
I also remember that the town was later destroyed and revived in my first file, so I can confirm it myself.

On my Taria file I’m playing right now, I actually did Earth Serpent chapter 2 and Sigfrei chapter 3. I started Earth Serpent by entering Thracini. Is there a difference in anything where you start it?
And I strangely had a some trouble getting Sigfrei chapter 3 to trigger. I tried going to Cindrea and back to Termina and it didn’t trigger, so I went all the way to Bicyniro through Thracini because I remembered Urpina could start Sigfrei there and I followed all rumors, but he didn’t appear. So I went to Maurehua avoiding Gradion and started the tower stuff, but it didn’t seem Sigfrei related so I returned to Termina. Then, just to try it, I went to Normi and refused Sasha and then Sigfrei triggered when I returned.
I had done Sigfrei previously with Taria and I’m pretty sure I just went to Cindrea and back to trigger it.
It doesn’t really matter as far as I’m aware, though. I was surprised just how far I could travel without starting chapter 3.

"It's not working. The banana is not melting."

User Info: killerb255

5 months ago#5
You can do a “no quest chapter” with Urpina as well by refusing Sasha’s request in Gradion and traveling all over the place (just avoid the usual trigger regions until you’re actually ready to start a common quest).
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