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User Info: xenosaga123

2 years ago#1
here are some resources from the original vita version as well as the upcoming definitive version






SaGa Scarlet Grace (original)



SaGa Scarlet Grace Hiiro no Yabou (2018 expanded and enhanced version)

User Info: xenosaga123

2 years ago#2

The game is about 30 to 60 hours for a single playthrough.
It’s close to SaGa Frontier since the story changes significantly per character
You’ll have more than six allies at the start of the game. Everyone you meet in the story can become an ally.
Even if a character’s LP becomes zero, the character will not disappear.

SaGa: Scarlet Grace uses a “free world system,” which means you’re free to do anything on the map. “Thousands” of events are being prepared, and the choices you select will significantly affect their development.

System and Other Improvements

Load times have been significantly reduced.
Resolution has been made high-definition.
Movement speed has been increased and can be configured to be even faster.
Players can switch between two user interfaces.
Party organization updates have been made.
Additional elements are carried over into the second playthrough.

also read new characters added too

User Info: xenosaga123

2 years ago#3


anniversary video


User Info: NessEggman

2 years ago#4
Get Hype Get Hype~~~
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User Info: Hiveswap_1

2 years ago#5
I can't wait to play this game on Steam! (I really hope this is not going to have region locking, even if the game is going to be released in japanese first)

User Info: MACisBack

2 years ago#6
I'm so f***ing hyped for this!

Just found out yesterday that this game exists since I no longer do consoles or handhelds.

Love all the SaGa games and was ready for another one after completing Romancing SaGa 2.
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