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  3. It's a new generation, the Gamecube controller has got to go.

User Info: LordRattergun

10 months ago#1
It's such a badly designed controller that it actively damages the hands of people who use it extensively. It's simply not ergonomic or even safe.

Nintendo, think of the health and safety of your audience and finally put the cumbersome, outdated Gamecube controller to rest.
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User Info: Captainjiggz_

10 months ago#2
Its not the gamecube controller, its melee.

Anyone who has damaged their controller playing smash 4 is pathetic and doesn't know how to hold a controller.
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User Info: yosheta

10 months ago#3
I think you misspelled the Nintendo 64 controller, my dude.

User Info: Jetsurge

10 months ago#4
Never understood it, I hate the button layout.
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User Info: ThatAnvil

10 months ago#5
The Gamecube adapter for Wii U already works with Switch, so no.

Also why are more options a bad thing?
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User Info: SlaveBlade

10 months ago#6
They should get rid of their best designed controller so far? The hell?
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User Info: G4meHawk

10 months ago#7
my gamecube as a whole is still plugged up.

User Info: master_m11

10 months ago#8
New generation? How old are you 13?
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User Info: Shieldlesscap

10 months ago#9
The GameCube controller is the best designed controller lol. The problem is how fast it gets worn playing Melee.

I say this and 3 of my GC controllers have gotten f***ed up by playing Sm4sh Falcon too aggressively.
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User Info: Lamp-kun

10 months ago#10
Jetsurge posted...
Never understood it, I hate the button layout.

People enjoy it because you have 3 face buttons side by side and you only have to stretch your thumb to reach the other one*.
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  3. It's a new generation, the Gamecube controller has got to go.
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