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  3. Have you played Donkey Kong 64?
The game was originally released on the N64 with a little red thing you attach to make the game run properly. It was only ever re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015 with no current plans to bring it to the Switch.

To my knowledge it was the final DK game made by Rare before being sold off to Microsoft, and it was a major inspiration for much of the DK representation in Smash.

DK, Diddy and K. Rool all pull moves from that game, plus the Jungle Japes stage with that f***ing BS water current and a redacted version of the DK Rap were also included.
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Alligamer72 3 days ago#2
Yeah I liked it as a kid, but nowadays I can't bring myself to play it at all in singleplayer lol. Not terrible though I think it gets way too much hate.

It had some cool boss fights too although I hate the final boss and especially the last section of that fight where he turns invisible

Multiplayer is still fun though and I love that.
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Alligamer72 3 days ago#3
Oh and the original DK rap is still a banger
I'm just a drop of water in the sea, and that's a part of life.
ZozmaSage 3 days ago#4
Yes. It's bad.
StormDash 3 days ago#5
One day maybe, aiming to find an N64 and play the games I never did growing up.
Smash Ultimate has a very satisfying roster.
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Sundercles 3 days ago#6
Yes, but I doubt I’ll ever go back and play it.
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PlasmaCannon 3 days ago#7
Yes and it was a great game that's way overhated.
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C_Speed_Esq 3 days ago#8
I've done 101% a few times. I don't really like it that much, it's a total slog. Every time I play it I just wish I was playing DKCR or something else instead.
JDM_Jev 3 days ago#9
Yeah most of the games content is just head back here and pick up different color bananas and coins. I remember how let down by this game I was. Amazing OST though.
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Despite its flaws, i love that game. One of the first 3D platforming games that got me into Adventure styled games.

It's crazy how this game gives each Kong almost enough material for a complete Smash Moveset that has been mostly neglected.(each Kong literally has a Nair, dash attack, Smash attack, d-air, B projectiles, some gimmicks etc)

They gave Diddy nerfed versions of his gadgets for some reason. Is there any functional or competitive reason as to why his peanut gun is slow and weak in Smash?

Too bad the game came out after Smash 64 🤷🏾
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