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  3. Did you think it was actually going to be Spring Man?
Back when an ARMS character was first teased for Smash in March 2020?

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SoraKH 6 days ago#2
if it was gonna be him they prolly wouldntve done the "which arms guy is it????" thing
DrOrpheus42 6 days ago#3
TBH yeah either him or Coyle, but leaning more towards Coyle by the end.
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Alligamer72 6 days ago#4
No, I was 99% sure it was Min Min
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It was clear to me it wouldn't have been Spring Man, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered with the whole guessing game and just flat out revealed Spring Man.
RevOn_DX 6 days ago#6
No because he was already an AT
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BlueVanLock 6 days ago#7
I was suspecting that they wouldn't pick him (doesn't make sense to hype suspicion if you're just going to go with the most obvious choice) but I thought they wre either going to put Ribbon Girl or make other fighters alts of Spring Man.
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(edited 6 days ago)
Not really. Like others have said, it wouldn't really make much sense to tease the possibility of anyone being chosen if they were just going to go with the most basic and obvious choice. I personally was expecting either Max Brass or Min Min.
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No. Would've completely went against the point of making every character an option if they were.
legowallin 6 days ago#10
Yeah... well, not exactly...
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  3. Did you think it was actually going to be Spring Man?
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