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  3. would you consider Terry to be a Gaming icon?
HashtagSEP 1 month ago#51
To clarify, what I mean by "well known for their characters," I mean the characters would be known or atleast recognized by people who don't necessarily play the games, even if just as "That Street Fighter guy" or whatever.

And, to be fair, that's true of a majority of fighting games. Only Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have a notable number of characters that fit that. SF obviously has Ryu, Ken, Guile, Zangief, M. Bison, Chun-Li, etc. Mortal Kombat has the ninjas, Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Shao Kahn, and so on. Tekken's where it starts to get iffy, since people will probably recognize Kazuya/Jin/Heihachi as "That Tekken guy," and may recognize Yoshimitsu, but beyond that it's questionable.

What puts Terry a step above SC characters, Guilty Gear characters, etc., is his crossover presence, the series history (especially in other parts of the world,) and stuff like his meme recognition as "Hat Ken," the engrish, etc. His more simplistic design fits in with the kind of simplistic styles that make SF/MK characters so well known.
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springer73n01 1 month ago#52
HashtagSEP posted...
Nobody outside of the fighting game community knows who any of those are but maybe Nightmare since he's the main marketing face, and Ivy for... Reasons.

I'm not saying Soulcalibur doesn't have interesting characters, I'm just saying nobody knows who they are if they don't already play or atleast know fighting games, and even then it's questionable if they don't play SC directly.

yeah agreed. No one outside of the FGC will know these characters, same with guilty gear. They just don’t have a character that has that popularity (I feel the closest are ivy and maki for reasons but not even remotely close to popular - interesting enough those are in the top 3 on some poll I just saw, whoever the hell is talim was number 1)
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barnardos 1 month ago#53
At least in my part of the world I suspect he'd be in the "recognisable but not all that iconic" category.
There were KOF arcade machines around but not to the extent of SF/MK and I don't recall seeing any fatal fury (I personally hadn't heard of it before smash anyway). I think Kyo/Iori would've been the better candidates for iconic there.
KingOfAllKOSMOS 1 month ago#54
springer73n01 posted...
i can believe it. KoF is supposedly huge in Mexico/South America
This literally just appeared on my Twitter feed
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Its_Dreamcat 1 month ago#55
WHATZITUYA posted...
Sure, but he's definitely been overblown in just how recognized he was before his Ultimate reveal.
If you're going by the reaction of Smash fans, it's because they tend not to play traditional fighting games and many were born after arcades were already dead in the U.S.

Fatal Fury/KoF is simply not as recognized as other fighting games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, or even Soul Calibur...hell I'd argue people in general would've sooner recognized Sol Badguy by now if not for Terry's Smash boost.
You literally named, like, the top four fighting game franchises... it's a kind of "well, no s***" moment.

I don't think Sol Badguy would have been more recognized than Terry, though.

And people need to stop pushing that phoney ass circle jerk that insists on revisioning Terry was a huge Smash request in South/Central America during the ballot/base game of Ultimate.
Nobody says that. If anything, SNK's own merits got them a character in Smash the same way most other third parties did.
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springer73n01 1 month ago#56
KingOfAllKOSMOS posted...
This literally just appeared on my Twitter feed

that’s awesome
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Valkrine 1 month ago#57
Iconic? No
Recognizable? Yes, but not to an extent.

Whenever someone says he is iconic towards South American I can't stop thinking how some wouldn't accept the thought of having a character that is recognizable in its home country coughDQcough.
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kicdgiB 1 month ago#58
No. I like Terry but he’s not even top 20 when it comes to fighting game characters.
MDS2005 1 month ago#59
definitely not.

like, literally who even was he before Smash lmao
Honkers 1 month ago#60
Iconic no, he's nowhere near the likes of ryu, chun-li, scorpion or even heihachi.

Recognizable if you have a passing interest in fighting games though, SNK had a lot of games in the past and he's had quite a few appearances here and there.
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