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Staff_Kirby 1 month ago#1
Their side specials are swapped.
What happens?

I made this topic because I thought of Peach doing K. Rool’s side b, and how fitting that is.
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Lord_of_Spade 1 month ago#2
Kirby and Mario

Mario using a hammer makes perfect sense and it's kind of surprising that he doesn't already use one in his moveset.

Kirby with the cape is a bit weirder. I mean there is the Hi-Jump ability, but that never really worked as a reflector. They could make it work though.
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Solar_Crimson 1 month ago#3
Shulk and Pyra.

Shulk finally gets sort of a projectile, but Pyra is even more of a close-range fighter. Probably makes her more dangerous.
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Garp_fist 1 month ago#4
Hero gets a fishing rod

Isabelle can cast lightning magic
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Lyncario 1 month ago#5
Sora uses the darkness and Sephiroth gets a version of sonic blade that's 10 times bigger because masamune.
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Blue-Lemon-Z 1 month ago#6
Pyra and Kazuya

Kazuya gets blazing edge, Pyra gets that electro-punch thingy.

Does she grow electrified devil wings, or what?
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Brother_ 1 month ago#7
Hero doing Bayo's slide kick is something i want to see, and he would get the midair version which would probably allow him to mix up his recovery more, assuming he can do up b from it like Bayo can.

Though removing zapple would suck and it would make Bayo far more toxic with fully charged Zapple + Witch time combos.


Does she get Mana from this, or no?
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Extremmefan 1 month ago#8
Daisy and Pokemon Trainer.

... can I get a redo?
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BlueVanLock 1 month ago#9
Yoshi gets Bayonetta's oppressive ladder combos and she can now freely create an egg around herself.
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yuji-kadio 1 month ago#10
sans gets pk fire

ness' is customizable for some reason
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