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  3. Are you glad this board is slowly dying down?

User Info: Pokos

2 days ago#1
Are you?

Are you?

User Info: yuji-kadio

2 days ago#2
your mom

User Info: DrOrpheus42

2 days ago#3
^The saga of me beating a game from each series in Smash Ultimate within 100 Days

User Info: crazybenjamin

2 days ago#4
Strangely, no. I guess that's the sense of community speaking.
SSBU Mains: Inkling, Mario
Headcanon: The blue and orange Inklings are best friends, and Mario is a mentor to them.

User Info: notok

2 days ago#5

User Info: Garp_fist

2 days ago#6
Smash Ultimate Hero main. Xbox loving weeb.
Currently playing: Sonic Unleashed, Guardians of the Galaxy, Shin Megami Tensei V

User Info: Naughtyboi

2 days ago#7
Yes it deserves to die and I hope it burns in hell.
I have come.

User Info: kirbserker

2 days ago#8
It is? TIL
Please quantify and articulate how I am wrong. I know I can be wrong about anything. Just saying it helps no one.

User Info: Walshin

2 days ago#9
We are all slowly dying out.
Think about that.

User Info: Zakawer3

2 days ago#10
Given that even I am taking an unfortunate but inevitable break from Smash Bros. (where due to Sora's ownership by Disney, I am gradually re-becoming a Disney fan myself and I'm subscribed to Disney+), it unfortunately seems like this is the case. But once another Smash game drops, I hope to come back for more!
Mains: Mario/Ganondorf/Lucina/Chrom/Banjo/Pythra/Wolf/Sora
-Unique/Decloned Daisy, Waluigi, Toad, Decloned Ganondorf, Tom Nook and Tingle for Smash 6! (he/him)
(edited 2 days ago)
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