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  3. Your favorite background noise while playing games?

User Info: BobbyBlabby

4 weeks ago#1
I'd love to get some recommendations.
Tell me your favorite animated series!

User Info: Dharkon

4 weeks ago#2
The game.
GenericGuy's alt - only in use when my main account is warned because of corrupt moderation.

User Info: Garp_fist

4 weeks ago#3
If it’s a game where i’m just grinding, or don’t need to or want to pay attention to the game audio, podcasts.
Smash Ultimate Hero main. Xbox loving weeb.
Currently playing: Sonic Unleashed, Guardians of the Galaxy, Shin Megami Tensei V

User Info: ZozmaSage

4 weeks ago#4
I listen to podcasts, actual plays, or let's plays. Sometimes audio books.

User Info: quintonshark163

4 weeks ago#5
Podcast, streams, trucks passing by (or really going to work/coming back from where i live), my dog barking (unless he begs for me)
The official Eggman + Bowser/Ridley/Palutena/Pyra+Mythra/Captain Falcon/Puff. My main is being voice by Jack Black, who i just learned he did the YTP clips.

User Info: mrHowlll

4 weeks ago#6
A fan, podcast, let's play, or some lofi music stream
Currently playing: Shin Megami Tensei 5 & Trails in the Sky SC

User Info: SecondWolf3Fury

4 weeks ago#7
Games themselves, granted they have good music.
If it's something like a fighting game, it depends. Games like Smash and Tekken have good music, so that's neat, but then we get stuff with boring or no OST and yeah, I just wanna play random s*** I have on my spare drive.
The full moon shines bright. It is beautiful.

User Info: HackedDragonite

4 weeks ago#8
If I'm not listening to the game itself, I like to watch shows on Netflix or Disney+ or whatever.
Or I'll watch speedruns or listen to podcasts.

User Info: WeebSlayer

4 weeks ago#9
Music, unless i'm playing a game with a godlike soundtrack, or a horror game.
Rip & Tear

User Info: MoneyMan1002

4 weeks ago#10
The sound effect when you collect Star Bits in Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2.
Ho ho ho ho ho, delightfully devilish, Seymour.
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