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  3. Would Melee Fox be top tier in this game?

User Info: luigi33

4 weeks ago#1
Same speed, and power?
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User Info: Archwing3441

4 weeks ago#2
Probably, the movement in melee is way beyond the other games that his normal game would be unbelievable.

User Info: Gr8M8

4 weeks ago#3
Brawl Meta Knight says hi.
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User Info: Aafyre

4 weeks ago#4
I’m curious who would be top tier if Melee Fox, Brawl Metaknight, and Smash 4 Bayonetta were all in the same game.
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User Info: Jazzy_Jeff

4 weeks ago#5
I'm gonna say Melee Fox in Ultimate would arguably be more powerful than he was in Melee.

Same fall speed means he's still susceptible to combos but the past two games have severely nerfed his other nemesis which is chain-grabbing. By the same token, same fall speed would also make him harder to vertical KO. Not to mention his overall frame data then was ridiculous, including frame 1 shine spike which would be hell for characters with startup-lag recoveries.

Melee is easily his strongest Smash Bros. incarnation. I think he'd still be menace even in the presence of some of the other top-tiers to emerge over the years, barring Brawl Meta Knight. Damn sure Brawl Meta Knight is the strongest character in existence.
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  3. Would Melee Fox be top tier in this game?
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