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  3. Who is your favorite Spirit from Joker's spirit board?
DuranmanX4 3 months ago#11
Igor since he is a Persona mainstay
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grantholomew 3 months ago#12
Ice_Dragon14 posted...
Haru best girl

pschambers6 3 months ago#13
Goro because none of the really good P5 characters made it into his board.
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ign0to 3 months ago#14
Morgana because Sword Attack Up with three Secondary slots.
Zakawer3 3 months ago#15
I don't really use any of these spirits, but I guess the Morgana one has decent utility overall.
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TheFalseDeity 3 months ago#16
Akechi easily of the list for me. My favorites from P5 in general would be a toss up between Hifumi and Kawakami though.
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Brother_ 3 months ago#17
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wariude 3 months ago#18
Makoto. My favorite P5 character and I use her Spirit a lot whenever I play Terry with Spirits since she enhances punch attacks.
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BlueVanLock 3 months ago#19
I guess it comes down to my favourite Phantom Thieves so Yusuke and Futaba.
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PlasmaCannon 3 months ago#20
Brother_ posted...

I'm curious here. Are you gonna do a Poll topic for the other DLC Spirit Boards?
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  3. Who is your favorite Spirit from Joker's spirit board?
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