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  3. Why does Square-Enix own Geno?


1 month ago#1
Geno was introduced in a Super Mario game published by Nintendo set in the Mario world. Shouldn't Nintendo own Geno? That would be like Rare owning any Kong not named Donkey and King K. Rool.

Also, Kingdom Hearts is developed AND published by Square, but Disney still owns every single OC from those games.

User Info: bengever

1 month ago#2
because even back then Nintendo knew how little he mattered in the grander picture of the franchise
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User Info: SmashBurb

1 month ago#3
I don't think there's ever been an explanation as to why Square wanted to keep SMRPG's OCs.

No, it doesn't really make sense, because it's not like Square could really do anything with them on their own. They're tied to the Mario universe.

Them not retaining the rights to the Kingdom Hearts OCs makes it even weirder, because Kingdom Hearts could stand on their own two feet away from Disney. The concept is broad enough that they could've theoretically made a Kingdom Hearts game that's a crossover with some completely different company than Disney. They can't really do anything else with Geno.
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User Info: Hypnofeet

1 month ago#4
He was made by Square Enix and not Nintendo.

I'm guessing unlike Kingdom Hearts, Nintendo and Square didn't make a deal of any character made for Super Mario RPG would be Nintendo's property and not Square's.
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