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  3. If you had the option, would you trade Sephiroth for Tifa

User Info: DKLinks

3 days ago#1
Would you give Tifa Sephiroth's spot on this roster?

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User Info: PlasmaCannon

3 days ago#2
Nope. Now if it were Sephiroth for Terra where do I sign?
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User Info: DylanYoshi

3 days ago#3
I like Aerith way better than Tifa and I wouldn't trade Sephiroth for her either.

I'd trade him for Zidane though.

User Info: Lord__Xander

3 days ago#4
Nope, but I'd trade him to represent more than a single game in the series

User Info: Tomasagaz14

3 days ago#5
I'd trade him for Terra or Kefka, I don't really care about Tifa, Aerith is better.
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User Info: crazybenjamin

3 days ago#6
Nah, I wouldn't really be a fan of that
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User Info: startmario

3 days ago#7

If it were to trade him for a character from different FF game, then it would be a definite Yes.
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User Info: Zombeef6

3 days ago#8
We need more villain representation, not less
And Sephy is a certified BAMF anyway
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Nah. I'd trade him for Quina though.
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User Info: The_Korey

3 days ago#10
f*** no. That'd be like trading Bowser for Daisy. Difference being I actually like Tifa, mind you.
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  3. If you had the option, would you trade Sephiroth for Tifa
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