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User Info: zumaddy

1 month ago#1
Went to add a Ridley with a slur name (had some numbers in the bypass sensor) who did nothing else but his side B to my block list, decided to check it and clear out some older entries, and it was all Smash Quickplay players. I play a lot of multiplier games on Switch and yet the entirety of players I despised fighting all came from one game. Yeesh.
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User Info: Fluriby

1 month ago#2
Most of my blocked list is from Mario Maker 2
Too many trolls in that game
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User Info: ToiseOfChoice

1 month ago#3
mine is all Dark Souls invaders, mostly early-game Darkwraiths with Dark Bead

User Info: prsboys

1 month ago#4
The only people I have blocked are squid partiers in Splatoon 2 cause they actively ruin the game.
Someone invading in Dark Souls is annoying but it's whatever.
People spamming in Smash? Annoying but they lack skill and are pretty much just free wins.
Squid Partiers though? They anger me to no end.
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User Info: Shadow_Saitama

1 month ago#5
I mean, I only participate in Smash and Pokemon Sword Boards. I don't remember what Board bubbascal participates in soooo
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User Info: TykiMikk

1 month ago#6
I blocked a player.

Only 1.

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