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  3. Have you ever dreamed characters got added to smash?

User Info: Invisble_egg

1 month ago#21
Hat Kid, Cinderace, Sack boy, Labo man, Some ff7 b****
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User Info: EmmyGemstar

1 month ago#22
Yea but I forget who.
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User Info: Lord_of_Spade

1 month ago#23
Several times actually. I've actually been making a list of every character to get added to Smash in one of my dreams since around 2014. Some of them make sense, while others definitely do not.

Added Characters:
Bandana Dee (Added in the same dream as Waddle Doo, Magolor, and Mickey Mouse)
Waddle Doo (Added in the same dream as Bandana Dee, Magolor, and Mickey Mouse)
Magolor (Added in the same dream as Bandana Dee, Waddle Doo and Mickey Mouse)
Mickey Mouse (Added in the same dream as Bandana Dee, Waddle Doo and Magolor)
Ryu Hayabusa (Supposedly added to the website the night before E3 2019, Smash was on my mind as I went to bed that night, which most likely impacted my dream)
Elma (Interestingly, my subconscious was aware that Elma had a spirit, so there were discussions about how her inclusion as a DLC fighter killed the “spirits deconfirm” theory that existed back when I had the dream)
Meat Boy (Announced as the "indie rep" for Smash Ultimate)
Terraria Guy
Dib from Invader Zim (In a mech suit)
Smokey Quartz from Steven Universe
Johnny Test
Ed Edd n’ Eddy (As one character)
K.K. Slider (Considered "the ARMS rep" for some reason)
Magolor (Again)
Dr. Eggman
Spring Man
Ryuko, Goku, Nihlego, Asgore, Toriel, Onky, and some other characters all in one somehow.
Mechanica (Added instead of Min Min as the ARMS rep)
Anne from Amphibia with Sprig appearing for some attacks
Zero (Mega Man)
A combination of the Dragon King fighter, Fighting Polygon, Fighting Wireframe, and Fighting Alloy
Galacta Knight
Bandana Dee but this time his spear has a blue cloth on it instead of the usual red one (likely inspired by his yellow cloth in Kirby Fighters 2)
"Saber/Ivy" (Not a character that actually exists, but an original character my subconscious made up.)
"Billie" (Another character who doesn't exist. Only added in so I could make a joke in my dream.)
The Slug “from Lord of the Rings” (Probably not an actual character in LotR.)
Traveler from Genshin Impact (Able to swap places with at least seven other characters, each with their own moveset. Venti and Klee were included, but I can’t remember the rest.)
DJ Octavio (There was an ARMS-like hint at a cephalopod character joining Smash, but then a second later it was revealed that it would be DJ Octavio. He had a mechanic that involved him getting into a small flying limousine at times.)
2B (Unsurprisingly announced in a dream I had right after I beat Nier Automata)
Ryu Hayabusa (Again)
Octoling (As an echo of Inkling, came with songs from the Octo Expansion and a song that doesn't exist)
Beta Giratina (Oddly considered a character from Rivals of Aether, and they functioned as a Mokujin-like character)

Weird Cases:
Reimu (Hinted at being added to Smash in a Touhou arcade game, though decofirmed by a fake trailer in another dream)
Grim from Billy & Mandy (Should be added but hasn't despite being "owned by Nintendo" according to my dreams)
Crash (Decofirmed in Eggman's trailer from a fake-out)
Bubble Bobble (Part of Eggman's moveset somehow)
Ribbon Ring (Not a character, but was added alongside K.K. Slider and Magolor as a stage)
Phoenix Wright (Appeared as either a playable fighter or an assist trophy)
Blastus (Requested by someone, not sure if added)
Thrasher (Requested by me in response to the Blastus request)
Saber (I thought she was added but it was actually the original character)
Sully or Mike from Monsters Inc. (There was a stage and music from Monsters Inc. in the same dream as Slug and Traveler, so they may have been included)
Geno (Announced at the Game Awards in a dream within a dream, I ended up checking online in the main dream to see if it was real but it wasn’t)

Space Invaders for Smash

User Info: CK3

1 month ago#24
"The moment you step into this world you have the right to live."

User Info: demon_cleaner

1 month ago#25
Nox_Aeris posted...
* The third and most recent dream saw the reveal of Dixie Kong. In her trailer, she was with some of the other Kongs (namely Donkey, Diddy, and I think either Funky or Cranky) and they all had N64-esque 3D polygon models. Shortly after Dixie's splash screen was displayed (don't remember what it said, but I think it was in Japanese), dream me randomly exclaimed "THEY'RE PHONING IT IN!!!" Once the trailer was over I logged onto SmashFAQs and saw a few celebratory threads on the front page, with one of them being from @demon_cleaner which was already 9 pages in by the time I logged on. My settings of 50 messages per page applied here, so that meant his thread had over 400 posts merely two minutes after Dixie's reveal.
I bet a good 50% of those messages would just be my own ones
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User Info: TykiMikk

1 month ago#27
EmmyGemstar posted...
Yea but I forget who.
Kellam from Fire Emblem.

User Info: EmmyGemstar

1 month ago#28
TykiMikk posted...
Kellam from Fire Emblem.
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User Info: 587Deathking

1 month ago#29
One time I had a dream Amaterasu was announced and the gameplay took place on the Isle Delfino stage
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User Info: Nightfire2512

1 month ago#30
At least 3.

The first was OD from Bloodstained between Terry and Byleth. That was pretty cool.

Second was Heavy Machinery, a tag team from the WWE before Min Min. That was weird.

Third was a second Zelda between Min Min and Steve. Supposedly repping her "more muscular appearances" while simultaneously hinting at BotW2. That was...really weird.

There might have been a fourth more recently, but if there has, I forget who.
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